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YZ-24B And YZ-11D Streak Retinoscope

Model: YZ-24B-YZ-11D

MOQ: 1 Set


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YZ-24B And YZ-11D Streak Retinoscope



  • Improved light path and excellent optical performance.
  • Imported halogen bulb provides high and adjustable brightness and good color rendering.
  • Smart, portable and convenient for mobile inspection.
  • Equipped with special charger, quick and convenient recharging, against over recharging.
  • Anti-recharging and anti-discharging function protects the battery.


Illumination Form Big Spot, Small Spot, Slit, Net, Red Free
Diopter Compensation -35D~ 20D, 24 in total, 0, ±1, ±2, ±3, ±4, ±5, ±6, ±8, ±10, ±15, ±20D
Illumination Source 3.5V/2.8W, Halogen Bulb
Power Supply AC220V/ 50Hz, AC110V / 60Hz
Power(Main Body) Li Battery Pack 3.7V, Rechargeable

YZ-24B And YZ-11D Streak Retinoscope



  • The filament can be 360°rotated and upward and downward moved.
  • Quickly and precisely measure the astigmatism axis.
  • The light can be converged, radiated and paralleled.
  • Continuously adjustable brightness.
  • Convenient quick recharging.
  • Anti-overcharging function and anti-discharging function protects the battery.
  • Can also be connected with the head of ophthalmoscope.
  • Double electricity double sufficient power: YZ24B and YZ11D could be charged at the same time.

Technical Specification:

Working Distance 0.67mm
Streak 3mm-20mm
Streak Rotation 360°
Illumination Source 3.5V/2.8W Halogen Bulb.
Power (main Body) Li battery pack DC:3.7V
Input Voltage AC220V±22V/50HZ±1Hz, AC110V±11V/60Hz±1Hz

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