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KR-9200 Optometry Auto Refractometer

Model: KR-9200

Sphere: -20~ 20D (VD=12mm, 0.12 or 0.25D Steps)

Cylinder: 0.00~ -10.00D (0.12/0.25D step)

Axis: 1D-180D (1D step)

Vertex Distance: 0mm, 12mm, 13.75mm, 15mm

Puiple Distance: 30~85mm

Keratometry: Integrated Keratometer


FA-6100K Auto Refractometer is improved from FA-6100A Auto Refractometer, and it has Keratometry function. FA-6100K Auto Refractometer has a broad measurement range and Auto PD measurement function.


KR-9200 Auto Refractometer is one of the most recommended Optical Equipment from our company. KR-9200 is a devoloped version of RM-9200 Auto Refractometer and it has the same features as RM-9200, while it has corneal curvature and diopter measurement. KR-9200 Auto Refractometer is also designed with ARM processor, fast thermal printer, and LCD color screen.


Trusted Services: 1. Video chat to check our factory and products; 2. Free online technical support and training; 3. Free online installation support; 4. 1-3 Years quality warranty; 5. Lifetime after sales support.

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KR-9200 Auto Refractometer

More fashion model, more intelligent control;
Use the ARM processor and the latest domestic image processing, the system is fast and image is clear. 
Japan mature optical path system, humanized automatic mist measurement process, to reduce the error caused by adjustment, more precise measurements.
Light rack with integral casting, CNC machining, measuring system is more stable, good consistency.
Data transmission with computerized vision tester, improved efficiency of online. 
Motorized chinrest, automatic tracing focus (Y-AXIS direction)
Auto detachment printer 
Auto tracking optical system
5.7 inches tillable color LCD
Date transmission with computerized vision tester, improved efficiency of online
With Corneal curvature and diopter measurement function

KR-9200 Auto Refractometer Pictures :

KR-9200 Auto Refractometer KR-9200 Auto Refractometer

KR-9200 Auto Refractometer

KR-9200 Auto Refractometer Specifications:

Refractive measurement Vertex Distance 0,12,13.75,15mm
Sphere -20~ 20D (0.12/0.25D step)
Cylinder 0.00~ -10.00D (0.12/0.25D step)
Axis 1D-180D (1D step)
Pupil Distance 30~85mm
Min. Pupil diameter measurable 2.0mm
Target Automatic fogging target
Corneal curvature measurement Radius of curvature 5~10mm (0.01mm step)
Corneal Refraction 30.00~67.00D (0.12/0.25D step)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00~-15.00D (0.12/0.25D step)
Angle of Cornea 1-180D (1D step)
Corneal diameter 2.0~12.00mm
Hardware specification Monitor 5.7 inch Color LCD
Printer Fast thermal printer
Power Saving Function OFF, 5/15 mins (Selectable)
Power supply AC 110~240V, 50/60HZ, 50W
Dimensions/weight 288 (W) * 500(D)*480 (H)mm/ 14.5kg

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