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NCT-100 Air Puff Non-Contact Tonometer

Model: NCT-100

MOQ: 1 Set

NCT-100 is a non contact tonometer, using puff of air to measure eye pressure. This pulse air tonometer is accurate, easy and fast to operate, and you can get a measurement result within 10 seconds. Non contact air puff tonometer will also prevent infections and corneal injuries during the measurement.


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NCT-100 Full Auto Air Puff Non-Contact Tonometer

NCT-100 air puff tonometer is a non contact tonometry machine for intraocular pressure (IOP) test. This machine is simple and easy to operate, and you can get test results within 10 seconds. Contactless measurement will reduce injuries or infections on eyes.

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Product features:
NCT-100 air puff non-contact tonometer utilizes image control and feature recognition for auto 3-D positioning of xyz with reliable judgment and measurement results, and easy to operate. The air puff non-contact tonometer can be used to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) and corneal thickness.

NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer

NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer
NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer

Performance Features:
1. Auto 3-D positioning of xyz results in precise and reliable measurement.
2. Full-auto measurement for both right and left eye data without manual switch.
3. Easy to operate the tonometer with color touch monitor.
4. Stable data of IOP through soft air measurement .
5. To compensate corneal thickness measurement of IOP.

NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer Screen NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer Chinrest
10.1 Inches Tilting Touch LED Screen Motorized Chinrest
NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer Printer NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer Interfaces
Built-in Thermal Printer USB and Internet Interfaces

Fully automatic eye pressure measurement

NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer Exam

Database for measurement results

NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer Data

Printed test report

NCT-100 Non-Contact Tonometer Report


Intraocular pressure (IOP) measuring range 1mmHg~30mmHg /1mmHg~60mmHg ( precision of 1mmHg)
Measuring system dual sensor system of light and pressure
Working distance ≥11mm
R/L automatic detection and display
Measuring result 10 times per eye; 3 times result printing per eye
Recording  build-in printer
Measuring mode auto/manual
Focus when luminous spot is in the focus frame, 2 modes can be chosen.
auto mode: auto intraocular pressure measurement
manual mode: when it’s good focus, the frame will turn yellow into green, and click to start the measurement
Error indication if the measurement signal is weak, the IOP will be enclosed by ( ), or display “ERR ”
Safety limit button install measurement for minimum distance between head and patient
Safety functions the distance between air nozzle and cornea is controlled in preset range(such as 11mm); it will stop going forward when the cornea is too closed to air head.
Movement range ≥30mm(front to back)/ 90mm(left to right)/ 30mm(vertical)
Jaw layer vertical movement 0~65mm with under jaw layer
Display mode 10.1-inch HDMI color LED touch monitor
Output port USB2.0
Working platform electric elevating platform
Weight 19.7kg
size 380 mm (L) x 460mm (W) x 505mm (H)
Power supply 220V/50HZ

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