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LZL-6A Multifunctional Microsurgery Operation Microscope

Model: LZL-6A

MOQ: 1 Set


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LZL-6A Operation Microscope


It can be used in microsurgery (orthopaedics, hand surgery, plastic surgery, family planning, andriatrics, gynaecology) and such vascular anastomosis microsurgery operation.

LZL-6A Operation Microscope

Technical Specifications

Main Microscope  
The main microscope is double binocular A fixed 180° position. The same light route, the same magnification and the same field of view
Working distance 200 mm,  250 mm,  300 mm
Magnification 5X – 25X motorized continuous magnification
Field of view diameter 5X-25X electric continuous zoom magnification(manual at the same time)
Fіеld оf vіеw dіаmеtеr Ф55~Ф11mm
Eyepiece 12.5XФ27.5mm Alf wide angle eyepiece
Adjustable range of eye distance 54 mm~7 5mm
Adjustable visual degree ±6D
Motorized fine focusing range 40 mm
Built-in beam slitter interface:  The same light route monocular teach mirror, Optional: digital camera; Optional: video system
The coarse adjustable range 500 mm (from floor to big objective lens 900~1400 mm); Fine focusing range: 40 mm
The maximum spread length 1200 mm
X-Y plane mover, moving range X-Y 40 mm(Can be reset to zero.)
Illumination Four bulbs conversion, imported bulb 150W/15V, coaxial
illumination of cold light source, the four spare bulbs can be converted momently
The illuminance Above 80000LX
Optional 250W Xenon lamp, the illuminance is above 150000LX.
Power 220V/50HZ
Power dissipation 200W

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