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LZJ-6D Operation Microscope for Ophthalmology

Model: LZJ-6D

MOQ: 1 Set


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LZJ-6D Operation Microscope for Ophthalmology


1. With retinal protection devices, Newest design balanced frame, it can be used by series ophthalmic microsurgery.

LZJ-6D Operation Microscope for Ophthalmology

Technical Specification:

Zoom ratio 0.4 – 2.5
Magnification 3.5x. 5.4x. 8.5x. 13.5x. 21x
Fіеld оf vіеw dіаmеtеr Ф68, Ф4З, Ф27.5, Ф17.5, Ф11 mm
Eyepiece visual angle 45° with adjuster of PD(55 mm – 75 mm)
Vice microscope magnification 6x, 10x, 16x (3 step disposition)( and the main microscope at a 90° postural, the same light route)
Eyepiece Main microscope: 10X/22B; vice microscope: 12.5X/18B
Working Distance 200 mm
6°+0° coaxial cold light source fiber optic illumination Illumination> 8000Lx; Lighting bulbs: 15V/150W
X-Y plane mover, moving range X-Y 40 mm(Can be reset to zero)
Motorized fine tunning system by foot control, the range of fine focusing 40 mm
Microscope front and back pitching range -5° – 10°
The maximal spread radius of the cross arm 1200 mm
Vertical adjustment range 850 mm – 1350 mm
Optional parts Beam splitter, digital SLR camera interface, CCD video interface, HD video camera, HD display. It can be used by series ophthalmic microsurgery.

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