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S2 Slit Lamp Microscope

Illumination Location: Top

Illumination Source: Halogen Lamp

Magnifications: 10X, 16X

Slit Width: 0mm~9mm Adjustable

Slit Length: 1mm~8mm Adjustable

Filter: Heat Absorption, Grey, Redfree, Cobalt blue


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S2 Slit Lamp Microscope


1. Two-step magnifications: 10X, 16X.

2. All the Optical lenses are moistureproof, mildewproof and anti-reflected treated.

3. Excellent optical performances.

4. Convenient and Compact.




Microscope Type

Converging stereoscopic microscope

Objective Magnification

Two Steps Magnifications

Eye Piece



(Field of View)

10x(Φ18mm), 16x(Φ14.5mm)

Pupil Distance


Diopter Adjustment


Slit Width

0mm ~ 9mm  adjustable (slit is round when the slit width is 9mm)

Slit height

1mm ~ 8mm  adjustable

Slit Angle

0°~ 180°  adjustable

Slit Inclination

5°,  10°, 15°, 20°, four steps adjustable

Diameter of Light Spot

Φ9mm,  Φ8mm,  Φ5mm,  Φ3mm,  Φ2mm,  Φ1mm,  Φ0.2mm


Heat Absorption, Grey, Redfree, Cobalt blue

Illumination Bulb

12v/30w Halogen Bulb

Input Voltage

AC 220v±22v ,  AC 110v±11v

Electrical Safety Standard

Conform to Standard IEC601-1, Class I, Type B

Packing Volume

720mm x 495mm x 480mm

Total Weight


Optional Accessories

R Type, T Type Applanation Tonometer, Measuring Eye Piece, Trihedron Lens, Gonioscope, Funduscope, Aspheric Lens

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