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OCT-550 Ophthalmic OCT Optical Coherence Tomography

Model: OCT-550

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OCT-550 Optical Coherence Tomography


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* OCT-550 is an ophthalmic optical coherence tomography scanner tailored for rapid screening of fundus diseases in outpatient clinics. It is easy to use, clear in image, smooth and delicate in operation, and equipped with professional analysis software to meet the requirements of OCT in the clinical examination and analysis of ophthalmology. Simple, speedy and easy to operate.

* Craftsmanship and clear imaging: It gives you clear, dynamic, high-quality fundus images. The scanning range reaches 13mm X 13mm, can meet the clinical diagnosis needs of fundus diseases.

* Diagnosis of fundus disease: It accurately identifies retinal disorders, helps to screen and reduce the missed diagnosis of retinal diseases at

the outpatient clinic, and can greatly improve the efficiency of clinical use.

* Common fundus disorder:

  • CNV (Choroidal neovascularization)
  • DR (Diabetic retinopathy)
  • AMD (Age-related macular degeneration)
  • PCV (Polypoid choroidal vasculopathy)
  • CSC (Central serous retinopathy)
  • Retinal cleft palate
  • Macular hole
  • Vitreous macular traction

* Optimized functions, popular and practical: Flexible optics parts, easy to operate, easy access to patient fundus images. Easy to use, intuitive, fast focus, one-click collection saves outpatient time.

* Smart reading (Optional): A fundus disease intelligence software developed based on deep learning to identify specific structures of retinal images faster and more efficiently.

Technical Data


Measurement characteristics


Axial resolution

5μm (in tissue)

Horizontal resolution


Scanning characteristics


Maximum A scanning speed

≥20KHz, tolerance±5%

Maximum scanning depth

2.65mm (in tissue), tolerance±3%

Maximum scanning range

12mm x 12mm, tolerance±5%

Light source characteritics


Center wavelength

843nm, tolerance±10nm

Half width

35nm, tolerance±5nm

Optical power

≤750μw (at the cornea)

Refractive compensation range


Fundus image Light source


Center wavelength

760nm, tolerance±5nm

Optical power 


Retinal thickness measurement


Retinal thickness measurement tolerance

土39 (in tissue)

Retinal thickness measurement repeatability


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