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NJC-800 Pantoscopic Ophthalmoscope

Model: NJC-800

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NJC-800 Pantoscopic Ophthalmoscope


The Pantoscopic Ophthalmoscope is a portable digital imaging device which makes it possible to view and take pictures of the eyes. The optical access of the Pantoscopic Ophthalmoscope is aligned to the visual axis of smartphone camera by the adaptor which allows to you take pictures of the fundus and retinal nerve in high resolution, You could save pictures for each patient or email and print as needed. The Pantoscopic Ophthalmoscope provides a 5X larger view of the fundus compared with the standard ophthalmoscope. lt has a wider view field of 23°. Without dilating the pupil, the fundus imagine could be captured at any time and places.

  1. Rapid capture of fundus images on your cellphone.
  2. Get eyeground documentation in an easy and low-cost way.
  3. Send images to your peers across the continum of care instantly.
  4. Easy carry to capture images at any clinical circumstance and work efficiently.Make patient education easier.
  5. 5X larger view of the fundus vs. standard ophthalmoscopes in an undilated eye.
  6. Aperturesand Filters: Small Aperture, Large Aperture, Micro Spot Aperture, Slit Aperture, Red-Free Filter, Cobalt Blue Filter, Half-Moon Aperture(Optional).
  7. Looking at the pupil through an add-on corneal viewing lens, the practitioner can detect lensopacities easily.


NJC-800 Pantoscopic Ophthalmoscope

Technical Specification



Illumination Source

Halogen lamp

Apertures and Filters

Small Aperture, Large Aperture, Micro Spot Aperture, Slit Aperture, Red-Free Filter, Cobalt Blue Filter,


Half-Moon Aperture, Corneal Viewing Lens

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