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BIO-1000 Goldmann Type Auto Perimeter

Model: BIO-1000

MOQ: 1 Set


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BIO-1000 Automatic Computer Goldmann Type Visual Field Analyzer

1.Comprehensive real-time monitoring , heiji-krakau physiological blind spot monitoring. Gaze tracking/head position tracking, automatic measurement of pupil diameter, reduce the impact of pupil effect on visual field detection.
2.Personalized design, accurate clinical analysis, accurate and rapid examination strategy.
3.Under international Goldman standard, providing a variety of calssic test procedures and report analysis

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BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer


BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer
BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Screen BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Responder
Color Touch Screen Sensitive Responder
BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Chinrest BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Interface
Motorized Chinrest and Trial Frame for Refractive Lenses USB and Internet Interfaces

Visual field examination

BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Exam


BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Program 1 BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Program 2
BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Program 3 BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Program 4

Parameters setting

BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Setting

Test report

BIO-1000 Visual Field Analyzer Report


Basic specification
Inspection range 90°
Inspection distance   30cm
Background light brightness White 31.5asb
Visual target brightness 1asb— -10000asb
Visual target size   GoldmannIII
Visual target interval time   200ms
Visual target interval time Standard or adjustment according to patient reflection
Threshold test model Center5-°16, center10° -68, 24 -2, 30-2, 30° -60°  nasal step
Upper Threshold test model 30°- 40, 30°-76, P-60, 60°-81, 60°-120,190°-135 nasal side
Special detection strategy Esterman monocular, Esterman binocular . user- customized test, 150P driver monocular fast detection, 150P driver monocular standard detection , upper 36 detection, blind spot detection,150horizontal straightness detection
Pupil size test   Automatic
Fixation monitoring Blind spot monitoring , eye position eye position deviation  alarm, eye deviation curve
Environment light detection Automatic
Analysis software Reliability analysis , single vision report, triple visionreport, GPA half vision analysis, GPA glaucoma developing analysis , VFI vision index analysis
Operation system   Win7 above
Size 412mm ( length) * 497mm ( width ) * 513mm ( height )
Weight 17kg
Power 100-240V , 50-60Hz

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