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NCT-200 Non Contact Air Puff Tonometer

Model: NCT-200

MOQ: 1 Set

NCT-200 non contact air puff tonometer is fully automatic, and it has both tonometry and pachymetry (NCT-200A tonometer supports cornea thickness) functions.


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NCT-200 Non Contact Air Puff Tonometer

NCT-200 non contact air puff tonometer is a professional fully automatic eye pressure measurement machine for hospitals and clinics. Contactless tonometry is safe for patient, and reduces discomforts and the risk of infections during the exam. This tonometer machine has professional software, and ophthalmologists can choose manual, automatic, and fully automatic measurement modes according their preferences. Roatable 7 inches color LCD touch screen makes the operation more convenient. You can measure intraocular pressure and cornea thickness with this tonometer, and simply print the exam report with built-in auto paper cutting thermal printer.


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* Auto chinrest adjustme

* Fast, safe and convenient.

* Rotatable 7 inches color LCD touch screen.

* Without cornea thickness.(NCT-200)

* With cornea thickness.(NCT-200A) 

* Touch lightly, 3D automatic intraocular pressure measurement for both eyes. Auto soft air puff, auto alignment and auto focus, auto left and right eye switch.

* Air jet test: after the machine is turned on, check whether the measuring system of theinstrument works normally.

* Safety limit: It can avoid the contact between the air jet mouth and the patient’s eyes. When the alir jet mouthis too close to the patient’s eyes, the buzzer will give an alarm.

* It can monitor intraocular pressure dynamically 24 hours, and print it on the same report sheet with intraocularpressure data.

* The touch control screen can beturned 180° up and down, 60° left and right, which is convenient for the operator to support the patient and lift the eyelid.

* The accurate corneal thicknessmeasurement function is provided to provide intraocular pressure compensation value and automatically calibrate the intraocular pressure value.

* The machine can be connected tothe database system through 0 to archive and read the data, which conforms to the new era hospital standard.


NCT-200 Tonometer

NCT-200 Tonometer NCT-200 Tonometer
NCT-200 Tonometer NCT-200 Tonometer


Rotatable 7 inches LCD Screen Advanced Optical System
Control Buttons Auto Paper Cutting Thermal Printer 
Motorized Chinrest USB and Internet Interfaces

Interface on the Screen




7″ 1024 * 600 color touch screen

Support up and down 180°, left and right 60° turning

Corneal thickness measurement

Support (NCT-200A)

Measurement range CT


Measurement increment-CCT


Light Source

Blue LED

Fixation lamp

1 internal fixation lamp (green LED), 2 external fixation lamps

Measuring head moving range

Up and down stroke: 45 mm, Left and right stroke: 90 mm

Front and back stroke: 40 mm

Lifting range of lower jaw drag

68 mm

Working distance

11 mm (calculated from the front of nozzle)

Measurement accuracy

1mmHg (0.133Kpa )

Measuring range

0-60mmhg (0-8kpa) (including free switching between 30 / 60mmhg)

Power Supply

AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Ambient temperature


Scope of operation



Built in thermal printer, automatic paper cutting

Data storage

Internal memory card + optional external USB memory



Measurement mode

Fully automatic / automatic / manual

Operating system

Embedded system

Mobile platform

Fully automatic platform / manual platform

Data input and output

Input: USB

Output: LAN/ RS232C

Focusing mode

3D full auto focus / manual focus

Jet detection

After power on, check whether the measuring system of the instrument works normally

Safety limit


Intraocular pressure measurement

Each eye was measured three times continuously, and the average value was calculated 

Normal intraocular pressure range: 10-21mmhg (1.33kpa-2.80kpa)

Corneal thickness measurement

Each eye was measured three times continuously, and the average value was calculated

Normal corneal thickness: about 550um

Full automatic measurement

Press the measurement button to complete the intraocular pressure test automatically

24-hour dynamic intraocular pressure measurement

It can monitor intraocular pressure measurement dynamically 24 hours, and print it on the same report sheet with intraocular pressure data


Data can be printed directly after measurement


10 sets of measurement data can be stored

Data export

Can be exported to PDF or JPG format

Size and weight

500*300*500, <25kg


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