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LZL-11 Multifunctional Operation Microscope

Model: LZL-11

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LZL-11 Operation Microscope


1. It is suitable for ENT, brain neurosurgery surgery and ophthalmic surgery.

2. The product quality in full compliance with national standards, reach the leading domestic technology, it passed the ISO13485 and ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification and CE certification.

3. Double binocular, forming 90° of each other, supply monocular assistant mirror, The main and assistant microscope share the same light route, the same magnification, the same visual field, continuous apolar magnification.

4. The microscope has X-Y bidimensional turned head,with six degree of freedom motorized adjustment. The pitching range of front and back, left and right, both are > 100°

LZL-11 Operation Microscope

Technical Specifications

The main microscope has optics hinges draw tube, range of overhead view 30° ~ 60°, 100% brightness
Eyepiece 12.5X, Alf wide angle eyepiece, The main microscope has high resolution, high definition, optics hinges, strong stereoscopic impression, huge depth of field.
Magnification 5X ~ 25X motorized continuous magnification
Field of view diameter 85 mm ~ 8.5 mm
Working distance 200 mm,250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm
Adjustable range of eye distance Magnification 3.4x,5.1x, 83.135×20.50e ” 9 n “
The diameter of field of view (F=250) 54 mm ~ 75 mm
Adjustable visual degree ±5D
Motorized fine focusing 40 mm, focusing speed: 1 ~ 2mm/sd
15V 150W coaxial illumination of cold light source,  Operation illuminance ≥ 80000 LX; Optional: Xenon lamp, illuminance can reach 120000LX, sun effect, bigger depth of field
Illumination range Ф70mm, adjustable light spot
The coarse adjustable range 450 mm
The maximum spread length of cross arm 1200 mm
The convolute range of load-carrying arm 240°
Power 220V/50HZ
The maximum Power dissipation 200W
Optional parts Digital camera; CCD camera system

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