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HAR-680 Optometry Handheld Auto Refractometer

Model: HAR-680

MOQ: 1 Set


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HAR-680 Handheld Auto Refractometer


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* It is an innovative wavefront refractometer that precisely measures refractive errors of patients from 6 months old through adults within just seconds.

* The device is designed and engineered to be handy and user-friendly with one-button operation. With the short working distance, the device is extremely easy-to-focus.

* Refracts babies, children, and adults, even wearing glasses orcontact lenses.

* No dark room required, it works in normal light


* For Mass Screening Events

With the HAR-680 autorefractor, you can screen 100 patients within 20 minutes, and read the results directly on the display. Its portable and light design makes it highly comfortable for massive vision screening.

* For Primary Care

The HAR-680 is a cost-effective, essential vision screening tool for general practitioners (GPs) and ophthalmologists. The portability of the device allows you to bring it for private home visits or nursing homes.

* For Clinics and Optical Shop

With the portable equipment, now you can reach more patients outside of your office, or use it in some promotion events such as an optical fair, or free vision screening marketing campaign.



Sphere range

-10.0D ~ +10.0D, step 0.25D

Cylinder range

-5.0D ~ +5.0D, step 0.25D

Axis of astigmatism range

1°~ 180°, 1°

Data acquisition time

< 1s / eye

Iris imaging



USB, Wifi, Bluetooth; easy data transfer to pc or printer

Print to

Bluetooth printer (optional)


203mm x 110mm x 50mm

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