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HAR-800 Optometry Handheld Auto Refractometer

Model: HAR-800

MOQ: 1 Set


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HAR-800 Handheld Auto Refractometer


Non-contact and non-invasive:
The light power is safe for eyes; There is 35cm(14 inches)between the instrument and the eyes.
Little cooperation is required, suitable for infants and those who have a language barrier.
Speedy Inspection:
One Key operation to complete the automatic detection of two eyes:
Accurate Result:
The advanced optical detection principle provides an accurate result: including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, axial and anisometropia.
Comprehensive detection modes:
Infant mode is specially designed for infantsl Myopia model is customized for myopia people and even high myopia people (HAR-880 only); Adult mode is suitable for all adults.
Easy targeting:
Luminant cross-shape facilitates the targeting for operator.
Ultrasonic distance measurement:
Automatically monitor the distance with audiable and visual hint.
Printer: Thermal printer is connected by infrared.

HAR-800 Handheld Auto Refractometer HAR-800 Handheld Auto Refractometer
Technical Specification:

Optical Parameters Mode Infant mode Adult mode Myopia Mode (HAR-880 only)
Sphere range -6.0D~ 8.0D -6.0D~ 8.0D -9.0 to 2.0D
Sphere interval 0.25D/0.1D① 0.25D/0.1D① 0.25D/0.1D①
Sphere tolerance ±0.5D ±0.5D ±0.5D
Cylinder range -3.0D to 3.0D -3.0D to 3.0D -3.0D to 3.0D
Cylinder interval 0.25D/0.1D① 0.25D/0.1D① 0.25D/0.1D①
Cylinder tolerance ±0.5D ±0.5D ±0.5D
Axial of astigmatism range 1°~180° 1°~180° 1°~180°
Axial of astigmatism interval
Axial of astigmatism tolerance 0.25D-1.00D ±10° ±10° ±10°
1.25D-3.00D ±5° ±5° ±5°
① Intervals are adjustable
Function Parameter Working distance Adult/infant mode 335±10mm Confidence level 10
Myopia mode (HAR-880 only) 268±10mm
Output of laser radiation 150 to 200um Wavelength 850±20nm
Data acquisition time 2s/eye Battery Voltage d.c. 11.1V
Distance measurement Automatic, with audible and visual hint
Battery life More than 6 hours of continuous usage
Low-battery warning Indicates 15 minutes usage remains

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