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TR-700A Ophthalmic Unit

Model: TR-700A

MOQ: 1 Set


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TR-700A Ophthalmic Unit

TR-700A Ophthalmic Unit

 Mechanical Parameters 1.Phoroptor swing arm Swing angle (up and down) ±30°
Rotary arm: rotation angle 0°-300°
Up and down moving range 900mm~1500mm
Max load 30Kgs
2.Auto keratometer arm Swing angle (up and down) ±40°
The first rotary arm rotates at an Angle 360°
The second rotary arm rotates at an Angle 0°-300°
The tray can be 360° rotation
Up and down moving range 780mm~1380mm
Max load 30Kgs
3.Projector arm Angle of rotation for rotary arm 360°
The tray can be 360° rotation
Up and down moving range 1030mm~ 1530mm
Max load 10Kgs
4.Slit lamp arm Table size 350mm x 200mm x25mm (Can be customized, maximum size is 700mmx 400mm x 40mm)
Max load 50Kgs
Table movement range within a semicircle with a radius of 824mm
Height adjustment range 716mm ~1016mm
Table rotational angle The first rotary arm rotates at an Angle 0°- 180°; 
The second rotary arm rotates at an Angle 0°- 360°; 
The third rotary arm rotates at an Angle 0°- 180°
Table-board rotational angle 360°
5.Seat parameter Lifting range 568~708mm
Headrest adjusting range 250mm
Seat rotation angle 0°-270°
Footrest height from ground minimum 88mm
Backrest adjusting angle 80°-180°
Max. load 150Kgs
Electrical Parameters 1.In voltage 100-120V AC 50Hz/60Hz, 200-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz
2.Output voltage 100-120V AC 50Hz/60Hz, 200-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz;
 2.5V 3.5V 4.5V 5.5V 6.5V 7.5V 12V AC
3.Charging voltage 5V DC
4.Engine power 28V 1.5A DC
5.Light 5/16W 24V DC
6.Fuse 5A 130/250V AC
7.No load power 1W
8.Pressure test 2KV
9.Working mode S1
10.Main wire 10A 120V/250V
11.Working temperature -10℃~ 40℃
12.Relative humidity less than 90%
Installation Dimension Figure size 1884mm*1316mm*1663mm(No contain table top or lighting)
Weight 295kgs




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