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SYX20 Micro Instrument Set For Cataract Intraocular Lens Implantation Surgical

Model: SYX20

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SYX20 Micro Instrument Set For Cataract Intraocular Lens Implantation Surgical

NO Product Code Description 
1 Coaxial I/A Cannula 56190 Straight tip triple joint 0.6mm


Aspiration Needle

56146 Angled 0.4mm tip 15° 27mm in total length
56144 Straight 0.4mm tip 27mm in total length
56148 Straight 0.7mm tip 27mm in total length
5 Coaxial I/A Cannula 56191A Double curved tubles 0.7mm
6 Eye Speculum 51288A Wire speculum stainless 15mm blade in length 50mm in total length
7 Blade Holder 56202B With spring 120mm in total length
8 Lens Spoon 52574 8×2.5mm in spoon length 130mm in total length
9 Lens Loop 52488A Tip 4mmx6mm length curved loop 120mm in total length
10 Iris Spatula 52404A Curved 11mm in tip width 120mm in total length


IOL Fixation Hook

51474A Angled 0.2mm 110mm in total length
51478A 0.2mm cylindrical tip angled 15°110mm in total length


Vannas Scissors

54138B Straight 6.5mm in blade length 90mm in total length
54140B Curved 6.5mm in blade length 84mm in total length
15 Micro-needle Holder 55152B Curved 110mm in total length
16 Tying Froceps 53320A Straight platform 4.5mm in length 105mm in total length
17 Corneal Scissors 54109B Slight curved 14mm in blade length 120mm in total length
18 Suturing Forceps 53325A Straight platform 4.5mm in length 1×2 teeeth of 0.15mm in total length
19 Cataract Scissors 54264B Straight tips 10mm in blade length 117mm in total length
20 Tying Forceps 53324A Short angled platform 4.5mm in length 114mm in total length

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