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SW-800 Optometry Portable Auto Refractometer Vision Screener

Model: SW-800

MOQ: 1 Set

SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer provides accurate and complete refractive information while screening for common vision problems including: Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Anisometropia, and measuring Pupil Size and PD. It’s advanced Optical System needs only 1 Second to screen both eyes, and directly delivers the test results. SW-800 Handheld Auto Refractometer is Small and Lightweight, easy to carry and suitable for any indoors and outdoors vision acuity screening.


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SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer Vision Screener


SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer Pictures:

SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer

SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer

SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer

SW-800 Portable Auto Refractometer Specifications:

Operation mode Bino/Mono
Optometry Automatic
DS Range: -7.50D~ 7.50D, Resolution: 0.25D/0.01D
Accuracy: ±0.50D
DC Range: 0.00D~3.00D, Resolution: 0.25D/0.01D, Accuracy: ±0.50D
Axis Range: 1°~180° Axis: Range 1°~180°
Resolution: 1°  Accuracy: ±5°
Pupil size Range: 4.0mm~9.00mm
Resolution 0.1mm  Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Pupil distance Range: 35mm~80mm
Resolution: 1mm, Accuracy: ±1mm
Gaze 0°~20°
Measuring distance 1m±5cm
Time per measurement ~1s
Fixation target Light flash, attractive sound
Date interface Wi-Fi, USB
Battery Rechargeable lithium batteries, 6 hours of duration, Replaceable
Size 180mmX130mmX110mm
Display 5 inch touch screen
Weight 0.8Kg
Optional accessories Camera tripods, printer, etc


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