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SW-500 Handheld Ophthalmic Rebound Tonometer

SW-500 is a lightweight and handheld rebound tonometer. It is easy to use and you can get eye pressure results quickly. This tonometer also comes with wireless printer.


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SW-500 Handheld Rebound Tonometer

SW-500 Rebound tonometer is a handheld intraocular pressure test machine for hospitals or clinics. This tonometry machine has less contact with eyes, and it will reduce discomfort feeling for patient. It is easy to operate with one hand, and gives digital display for test results. A carrying case is provided, and it is convenient for ophthalmologists who often make house calls.


1. The Rebound-Tonometer is a handset device
2. The probe has very less contact with patient, avoiding discomfort reaction
3. Automatic exist function of probe

SW-500 Rebound Tonometer


Measure Range 3mmHg~70mmHg
Measure Error ±1.5mmHg(3mmHg≤intraocular pressure≤25mmHg)
±2.5mmHg(25mmHg<intraocular pressure≤70mmHg;
Transport and Storage:
Ambient temperature -20~ 55℃
Relative moisture ≤95%
Atmosphere pressure 500hPa~1060hPa
Ambient temperature +5℃~+40 ℃
Relative moisture ≤80%
Atmosphere pressure 700hPa~1060hPa
Rating voltage DC3V(2 AA Batteries)
Rating input power 1VA

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