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SK-850A Projection Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Model: SK-850A

MOQ: 1 Set

SK-850A visual field analyzer is a projection perimeter, similar as humphrey 750i. It is designed with full function of humphrey 750i. SK-850A provides both Kinetic test and static test.


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SK-850A Projection Visual Field Analyzer

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SK-850A projection perimeter is a latest humphrey visual field analyzer which could be one of leader all over the world. It is designed full compliance with the Goldman standards; All the wavelengths, luminance and stimulus size are designed according to International standard, and the analysis software includes various factors which may affect the visual field during the checking. This perimeter can satisfy the clinical requirements of top Medical Institution and specific requirement of Scientific Research Institution.

Projection Spot Compliance With the International Standardand Calibrated Initial Luminance Brightness
1.SK-850A adopts optical gradual coating technology to obtain international standard luminance brightness 0~10000asb(0- 51db) by precisely controlling the optical lens transmittance, ensuring that the brightness of each dots are full compliance with the International standard.
2.With power up system, perimeter software will get the digital calibrated array mode of optical gradual lens and coated lens by actinoscope on the optical projection head, to make sure the initial projection brightness standard won’t be changed by unstable Environmental voltage and bulb decay, It can ensure that all the medical measured data is under the international standard brightness which is accurate.

Excellent Test Strategy Designed
The designed test strategy will shorten testing duration and improve the accuracy of result, which considers the greatest possibility of different age range, responsiveness, visual field loss, and distribution regularities of vision island.

SK-850A Pure-optical Projection Perimeter


Kinetic test
Kinetic test mode Standard program, Static points, Scotoma map, Blind spot map, Custom Programs
Stimulus speed 1~9′ /S adjustable
Static test
Threshold test program Macula, 10-2,24-2,30-2.60-4,Nasal step
Screening test program C -40. c- 64. C-76. C-80. C-Armaly, P- 60,Nasal step, FF-81, FF120,FF- 135,FF- 246, FF-Armaly.
Specialty test program Esterman monocular, Esterman binocular, monocular 150 Visual field Superior 36, Superior 64
User- defined test Available for storing 10 programs
Test strategy Auto threshold test, Full threshold, Auto threshold fast
Screening test strategy Zone2, Zone 3, Quantify defects, Age related, Single stimulus, Threshold related test
Analysis Software Creditability analysis, Single field analysis, Multi fields analysis, Glaucoma Hemifield Test, Glaucoma progression analysis
Report Plots DB Value, Grayscale, Total deviation, Total probability, Pattern deviation, Pattern probability

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