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SK-650B Non Mydriatic Retinal Photography Machine FFA Fundus Camera

MOQ: 1 Set

Test Mode: Non Mydriatic Fundus Photography and Fluorescein Fundus Angiography(FFA)

Digital Camera: Canon EOS Technology

Color Image Resolution: 5184px*3456px

Minimum Pupil Size: 3.3mm

Diopter Compensation: -25D~+30D

Max Angle of View: 53°

Working Distance: 40mm±2mm


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SK-650B Fundus Camera With FFA

SK-650B fundus camera is a non mydriatic fundus photography machine with FFA Fluorescein Fundus Angiography function, mainly used for retina diseases examination. You can get high resolution pictures with this fundus camera. Professional software will be offered, and you can easily manage patient information, process pictures, and generate analysis reports. This fundus camera has redfree mode for specific measurements. It has Dicom 3.0 interface that can be connected to HIS/PACS system.

If you don’t need fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) function, SK-650A fundus camera will be a good choice.

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SK-650B Fundus Camera

SK-650B Fundus Camera SK-650B Fundus Camera
SK-650B Fundus Camera SK-650B Fundus Camera


SK-650B Fundus Camera Focus Knob SK-650B Fundus Camera Photo Angle Adjustment SK-650B Fundus Camera Chinrest
Focus Knob Photo Angle Adjustment Adjustable Chinrest
SK-650B Fundus Camera Joystick SK-650B Fundus Camera Illumination Intensity Knob SK-650B Fundus Camera Platform Lock
Smooth Joystick Illumination Intensity Knob Platform Lock

Professional Software and HD Images

SK-650B Fundus Camera Software

SK-650B Fundus Camera With FFA

SK-650B Fundus Camera With FFA

SK-650B Fundus Camera With FFA


Model SK-650B
Optical lens Aspherics system
Test mode Non-mydriatic and FFA
Fundus Observation Moved platform
Red-Free No
Focus Split-line aligning focusing
Digital Camera CANON EOS Technology
Color ImageResolution 5184*3456
MonochromeImage resolution 1360*1024
Min.Pupil Size 3.3mm
Compensationrange -25D~+30D
Fundus Observationpara-position Dots overlap
Fixation target External eye fixationlamp & 9 internal fixationtarget (LED dot matrix-Fullycontrolled by software)
Maximum angle ofview 53⁰
Optical head tilting Horizontal±30⁰Vertical±12.5⁰
Working distance 40mm±2mm
software Support Dicom 3.0, support hospitalHIS/PACS system Image processing easily operate, strong analysis, support fundus Mosaic, image post processing, measurement, patient profile management


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