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S5D Digital Slit Lamp

Model: s5D

Illumination Location: Top

Illumination Source: LED Lamp

Magnifications: 6X 10X 16X 25X 40X

Slit Image Width: 0mm~14mm Continuous

Slit Image Length: 1mm~14mm continuous

Filter: Heat Absorption, Grey, Redfree(Green), Cobalt Blue

Camera: DSLR Digital Camera


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S5D LED Slit Lamp With DSLR Digital Camera

S5D digital slit lamp is a professional ophthalmic machine for eye exam. You can easily examine iris, cornea, and lens diseases or problems with this slit lamp. It can be connected with computer, and you can see the whole process on the monitor directly and clearly. This digital slit lamp is simple to operate, and you will be quickly familiar with the operation even you are not an ophthalmologist.

LED lamp is used in S5D slit lamp, and it offers cool light which will give doctors more clear view and make patient more comfortable. 5 Step magnifications (6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X), 4 filters, stepless adjustable slit width (maximum 14mm), continuous adjustable light brightness, and background light, will meet various examination requirements. Professional software will offer options to save, process, and manage exam results, including pictures, video, and reports. Detachable metal base plate makes it easy for you to move the machine, or fix it on an ophthalmic unit (or motorized table).


1. Outstanding Optic Quality Ensure the Comfortable View
2. Precision Machining Makes the Smooth and Flexible Movement
3. Professional & Multi-functional Software With Simple Humanized Human-computer Interface & Easy Operation
4. Have both image capturing function and video capturing function Image processing for better Symptoms Diagnose
5. Backup patient data base easily guarantee data safety
6. Highest Quality Images Captured Which Impressive Every User
7. Aspecial designed black cross in right eyepiece which enable to synchronise the image sharpness in eyepiece

S5D Digital Slit Lamp

S5D Slit Lamp Led Lamp S5d Slit Lamp Five Mags
LED Lamp 5 Magnifications
S5D Slit Lamp Filters S5D Digital Slit Lamp Max Slit Width
4 Filters Maximum Slit Width 14mm
S5D Slit Lamp Brightness S5D Slit Lamp Metal Base Plate
Continuous Illumination Brightness and Background Light Metal Base Plate
S5D Slit Lamp Joystick S5D Slit Lamp Chinrest
Smooth Joystick High Quality Chin and Forehead Rest
S5D Slit Lamp Digital Camera S5D Digital Slit Lamp Eyepiece
Digital SLR Camera 12.5x Magnification Eyepiece


S5D Slit Lamp S5D Iris Exam S5D Slit Lamp Cornea Exam S5D Slit Lamp S5D Lens Exam
Iris Examination Cornea Examination Lens Examination


S5D Digital Slit Lamp S5D Digital Slit Lamp 

Technical Specifications:

Microscope Type


Magnification changer

Revolving drum



Illumination Source

Imported LED

Max Illumination Intensity

60000 Lux

Total magnification

6X 10X 16X 25X 40X

Diameter of Vision field

φ37 φ23 φ14 φ8.7 φ5.7mm (φ23 φ14 φ8.7optonal)

Diopter  adjustment

-7D~ 7D

Slit image width

0mm~14mm continuous

Slit image length

1mm~14mm continuous

Diameter of aperture

Ф14mm Ф10mm Ф5mm  Ф3mm Ф1mmФ0.2mm

Slit angle

0~180 continuously rotation

Illumination tilting

5 101520 totally 4 step


Heat absorption, Grey,red freer(Green), Cobalt blue 


12V 50W Halogen Bulb


Red LED 3.5V


In put votage100~240V

S5 S5D Workshop S5 S5D Packaging
Workshop Packaging

Packaging Video

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