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RMK-200 Optometry Auto Ref and Keratometer

Model: RMK-200

MOQ: 1 Set

Sphere: -25~22D

Cylinder: -10D ~ 10D

Axis: 1~180°

Vertex Distance: 0mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13.5mm, 15mm

Puiple Distance: 10~85mm

Keratometry: Integrated Keratometer


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RMK-200 Auto Ref and Keratometer

RMK-200 Auto Ref and Keratometer

RMK-200 Auto Ref and Keratometer

Measurement mode Cornea/refractometer measurement mode Keratometry/refractometry
Refractometer measurement mode Refractometry
Mode of keratometry Keratometry
Mode of CLBC Substrate curvature of contact lens
refractometry Vertex distance 0,10,12,13.5,15mm
Spherical degree -25~22D
Cylinder degree -10D ~ 10D
Axial 1~180°
Cylinder symbol -, ,±
Pupil distance 10~85mm
Minimum pupil diameter 2mm
Measuring time 0.07sec
Keratometry Radius of curvature 5~10.2mm
Corneal refractometry 33~67.5D
Corneal astigmatism 0~15D
Corneal diameter 2~14mm
others printer Thermal printer
Saving settings 3,5,10minutes
Monitors 5,6inch of TFT monitors
Jaw panel Max55mm
Data output Rs 232 interface ,video output

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