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OL-920 ND: YAG Laser for Ophthalmology

Model: OL-920

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OL-920 ND: YAG Laser for Ophthalmology


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OL-920 Nd: YAG Laser System for Ophthalmology produces 1064nm wavelength laser pulse. The laser pulse and dual-spot aiming beam can position precisely on the ocular tissue to be treated through slit-lamp microscope. The YAG laser energy is concentrated and focused on a spot of about 30μm, producing light-induced explosion effect in the action of such a high optical power density, to dissociate ocular tissue rapidly for a purpose of surgery.

The laser beam energy disperses rapidly in front of and behind the focal point so as to avoid injuries to tissues outside the focal point resulting from laser beam. When the dispersed beam reaches fundus oculi, its power density is below one ten thousandth of that at the focal point and the action time is only a few nanoseconds; so under normal circumstances it is not easy to cause injury to fundus oculi thus ensured the safety of surgery.

The device has a built-in laser security protective system to guarantee continuous, stable and safe operation of the device.The YAG laser and aiming laser are coaxial and confocal with the focal plane of the microscope and meanwhile are confocal with the slit-lamp, which ensured the clarity of observation and the accuracy of surgery. The device utilizes micro-processor control technique, with digital display and is easy to operate; sophisticated ophthalmic micro-surgery can be implemented without cutting the eyeball, which is simpler and easier than the conventional surgery, thus enhances the security.

OL-920 ND: YAG Laser for Ophthalmology


Laser Type Nd:YAG
Wavelength 1064nm ± 5nm
Mode Q-Switch  (multi-mode)
Pulse Output Single-pulse, dual-pulse and three-pulse
Time characteristics of the laser pulse output
Pulse Width 4.5ns ± 10%
Pulse Repetition Rate 2.5Hz
Duration of laser pulse sequence dual-pulse≤30μs; three-pulse≤50μs
Output Energy
1 pulse maximum output 11mJ
2 pulse maximum output 9mJ
3 pulse maximum output 28mJ
Output Energy Regulation 100%~6% adjustable by 7 steps
Cone Angle 18°
Spot Size 30um
Aiming Beam Wavelength 630-680nm
Aiming Output Power PC < 0.4mW


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