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LZL-21 Advanced Multifunctional Operation Microscope

Model: LZL-21

MOQ: 1 Set


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LZL-21 Operation Microscope


1. It is used for neurosurgery, brain, ENT, ophthalmology operation.

2. the appearance with streamline design, the switch uses membrane switches and LCD design

3. The main microscope has a remarkable depth of field, stereo-scopic perception, suitable for deep cavity operation. Both main and vice microscope can freely rotation to any position.

4. Double handlebar control, angle of left & right, angle of front and back, illumination, focus, magnification, such six adjustable functions. Akey start, motorized control of joint tightness, easy to operate.

5. Xenon lamp coaxial cold light system, double bulbs conversion in one second.

6. Full computer stepless dimming / stepless up-down / stepless zoom, electromagnetic lock positioning rack space, each rotating joints can be any position, the bracket maximum extension radius 1200 mm, vertical racks rough adjustment range 500 mm, the appearance with streamlined design, the switch uses membrane switches and LCD design, it can save the doctor’s medical parameters , forming the handle control and touch screen control dual control double insurance.

LZL-21 Operation Microscope

Technical Specifications

Eyepiece magnification  12.5X wide-angle, with diopter adjustment and limit device
Adjustable range of PD 55 mm~ 75 mm
Adjustable visual degree +5D ~ -5D
Binocular primary mirror with optical hinge Reversible 180°
The microscope head has six degree of freedom movement The left & right, front & back both motorized range of pitching >100° (it is easy to positioning on operation)
Magnification form Both main and assistant microscope is continuous motorized magnification
Magnification 5X ~ 25X
The depth of the main microscope field above 100 mm
Fine focusing 40 mm
Foci of big objective lens 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm
Xenon lamp coaxial cold light system Range of illumination: Ф 10~85 mm
Operation surface lighting Illuminance of halogen lamp: ≥ 80000 LX; Xenon light illuminance: 180000 LX (Better stereoscopic sensation), Has display of illuminance brightness, continuous adjustable

Optional Parts for XTS, LZJ and LZL Models

* 30° Beam splitter

* Beam splitter

* CCD Video interface

* Zoom large objective lens

* Zoom large objective lens with fine-tuning

* Normal large objective lens

* Video camera interface

* Digital camera interface

* Compact system camera interface

* Monocular teaching mirror

* Assistant microscope

* Outlay Xenon lamp light source


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