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LY-316B Hand Lens Edger

Model: LY-316B-Hand-Edger

MOQ: 1 Set


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LY-316B Hand Lens Edger

Specialized for Glasses&Resin lens’ edging, trimming, polishing.Wheel’s mesh number can be customized

LY-316B Hand Lens Edger LY-316B Hand Lens Edger LY-316B Hand Lens Edger LY-316B Hand Lens Edger LY-316B Hand Lens Edger
Technical Specifications:

Technical Data LY-5A/B LY-5E LY-150  LY-5D-35WV  LY-316 LY-316B
Packing Dimension 41x27x30cm 35x23x23cm 34x49x36cm 42x29x32cm 39x26x31cm 39x26x31cm
G.W. 7.4kg 4.6kg 9.4kg 7.1kg 7kg 7kg
Packing Quantity 4pcs/ctn 4pcs/ctn 2pcs/ctn 2pcs/ctn 2pcs/ctn 2pcs/ctn
Carton Size 56x44x62cm 48x38x49cm 51x70x39cm 59x47x35cm 54x42x34cm 54x42x34cm
Approx G.W. 31kg 19.4kg 20.7kg 16.2kg 15kg 15kg


Technical Parameters 20 30
Width 20mm, normal rough grinding 30mm, large rough grinding
Graduations 200#(default), 240#280#(optional) 200#(default), 180#240#, 280#(optional)


Parameters 35W 35WV
Width 35mm, right rough grinding 16mm, left fine grinding 19mm 35mm.right rough grinding 16mm,left fine grinding 19mm,trimming.
Graduations Rough grinding: 180# , fine grinding 280#(default), 320#(optional) Rough grinding: 180#, fine grinding 280#(default), 240# 320#(optional)

LY-316B Hand Lens Edger LY-316B Hand Lens Edger LY-316B Hand Lens Edger


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