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KF-Z3000 Phoropter

Model: KF-Z3000

MOQ: 1 Set

KF-Z3000 Phoropter, one of the best maual phoropters from our factory, is for sale at discount price. KF-Z3000 Phoropter has CE certificate and it is under 2 years quality warranty. Send enquiry now and get 10% off from us.


Trusted Services: 1. Video chat to check our factory and products; 2. Free online technical support and training; 3. Free online installation support; 4. 1-3 Years quality warranty; 5. Lifetime after sales support.

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KF-Z3000 Phoropter

KF-Z3000 Phoropter Pictures:

KF-Z3000 Phoropter

KF-Z3000 Phoropter Specifications:

Sphere power Range 18.76D to -19D, Step 0.25D
Cylinder power Range 0D to -6D (0.00 to 8.0 with additional lens of -2.00D, Step 0.25D
Cylinder axis 0-180°,-5°steps
Cylinder power scale  30°decide ,15°decide
Cross cylinder  ±25 diopters
Rotary prisms 0△to20△, 1△steps
Auxiliary lens dial [o] -Open aperture(two positions)
[R]- Retinoscopic lens 1.5D
[P] -Polarizing lens (45°left eye 135°right eye)
[WMV] or [RMV]- Maddox rod, vertical 
White: left eye,Red: right eye 
[WMH] or [RMH]White: left eye,Red: right eye
[GL]-Green lens
[RL]-Red lens
[ ,12]- 0.12D sphere
[PH]-Pin hole
[10△I] or [6 △U] – 10△ base –in –left eye
6△ base – up-right eye(dissociating prisms)
[±.50] – ±0.5 fixed choose cylinder
[OC]- Occluder
PD adjustment 48~75mm,1mm steps
Standard accessory One near point card with holder and rod, Dust cover ,face shield and case for lenses
Standard accessory lens Two 12D and -2D cylinder lenses, Two Plano lenses for sealing front opening



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