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HY-3200S Ophthalmic UBM Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Machine

Model: HY-3200S

MOQ: 1 Set

HY-3200S UBM ultrasound biomicroscopy machine is a high-resolution non-invasive ultrasound used for imaging the structures of eye anterior segment. Ophthalmic UBM machine has much higher frequency probes than A-scan or B-can.


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HY-3200S UBM Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Machine

1.Linear scan and handheld probe
2.Sulcus to sulcus measurement
3.Full image mode and angle image mode display
4.AOD and ACA measurement
5.PDF report output 

HY-3200S UBM

Technical Specification:

Frequency 50MHz/35MHz(optional)
Scanning Mode Linear Scanning
Scanning Range 16mm*9mm; 10mm*6.5mm
Image Resolution(full screen) 50um
Output PDF report output
Scanning Lines 1024 lines, 15 um between each, high density & high resolution
Geometry Distortion Linear scan, no distortion, no compensation, undistorted image
Probe Multi-Dimension, precise locating articulated arm
Probe Multi-Dimension, precise locating articulated arm
Measurement Distance, angle , perimeter , area
Display colors 12 false colors
Display Mode UBM, UBM A
Magnify Special independent ultrasound magnifies system, better image in Anterior Segment.
Eye Fixation Unique Eye position and LED system
Working Platform Windows XP, VISTA, WINDOWS7
Image Process Length, angle measurements 

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