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HV-300A Electrosurgical Generator with Ligation

Model: HV-300A

MOQ: 1 Set


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HV-300A Electrosurgical Generator with Ligation

Intelligent Device System:
The intuitive design and user-friendly set-up of the Electrosurgical Generator (diathermy) 
for us in themodem operating room, it features both Monopolar and bipolar functions to satisfy all the 
surgeries demands withsafety, flexibility, relability and convenience.
Touch Screen
Electrosurgical system is controlled with a wide TFT LCD touch screen (8 inch), clean and shaper image quality, which provides the
user with easy access to all diathermy functions. The settings or modes of operation are changed by touching icons on the screen. To ensure
maximum ease of operation there are no extra buttons or knobs
REM (Return Electrode Monitoring):
Return electrode contact quality monitoring system (R EM). The REM system continually monitors patient impedancelevels and de activates the generator ifa fault in the 

patient/return electrode contact is dete cted, which minimize the danger of.
Automatic Self-Test
Once switched on, systems perform a comprehensive internal test
Real-time Monitoring and Instance Response System for Tissue Density
This proprietary technology delivers optimal clinical effects through continuous synchronization of current and voltage. It samples the current
and voltage 450,000 times per second which enables it to respond to tissue impedance changes in less than 10 milliseconds, which ensuring the
machine achieves optimum energy output levels quicker and more accurately – ensuring that only the precise voltage needed is safely delivered to
each tissue type.
Ligasure Vessel Sealing (Seal-Safe)
With above mentioned Real-Time and instance response system, it enables permanent sealing up blood vessels with a diameter up to 7mm with this
technology under bipolar coagulation (Seal-safe modes).
Endoscopic Vessel Sealing (Endo-Safe)
Vessel sealing under water with endoscopic instrument
Automatic Start /Stop
Under Bipolar cut and coagulation modes, user can choose Pedal control or Automatic control, under Automatic control.
Memory Records Features (Optional)
Memory program that allows customize settings for different interventions and surgeons. Now total from 0-10 memory locations can be available for user-
defined settings, which make a versatile, indispensable companion in HF surgery.
Compatible with Argon Plasma Coagulation System
Compatible with Argon Generator, non-contact tissue, which can have very good effect for digestive surgery.
Optimum Smoke Evacuation System
Electrosurgical unit can be integrated with smoke Evacuation system, which will automatically trigger the smoke evacuation when energy is
Multilanguage Available:
Language options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and etc
Application of Use:
General Surgery; Gastroenterology Dermatology; Vascular Surgery; Obstetrics and Gynecology Heart/ThoracicSurgery; ORL/ENT; Minimally Invasive Surgery (MSI) Cerebral surgery 

Ne urosurgery, Orthopedics & Plastic Surgery,Trans Urethral Rese ction (TUR) and etc.
Versatile system that is uniquely compatible with other, including:
Under water cut socket (Endo cut)
HV argon coagulation system
Optimum Smoke Evacuation System-Clean air in the operation theatre

HV-300A Electrosurgical Generator with Ligation HV-300A Electrosurgical Generator with Ligation HV-300A Electrosurgical Generator with Ligation HV-300A Electrosurgical Generator with LigationHV-300A Electrosurgical Generator with Ligation


Main Frequency

512 KHz

Power Supply






High Frequency Leakage

Monopolar < 150mA; Bipolar < 60mA

Low Frequency Leakage

Normal Polarity, Intact Chassis Ground: <10μA

Normal Polarity, Ground open< 50μA

Reverse Polarity, Ground Open< 50μA

Sink Current, 140V Applied, All inputs < 50μA


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