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D-910 Auto Lensmeter

Model: D-910

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D-910 Auto Lensmeter


  1. Measurement of PD, PH and PCL(ProgressiveChannel Length).
  2. New capacitive touch panel with high resolution.
  3. The wavelength of UV and green light can bemeasured simultaneously.
  4. Bluetooth, RS232 serial port, USB, WIFI, 4 forms of data communication.
  5. Better performance: Finer making pens and lens holder, Magnetic and stable sliding nosepiece


Range of measurement

Sphere 0~±25m-1  0.01/0. 12/0.25m-1 steps
Cylinder 0~±9.99m-1 0.01/0.12/0.25m-1 steps
Axis  0°~180°(1°step)
Addition 0~±9.99m-1 0.01/0.12/0.25m-1 steps
Prism  0~15cm/m 0.01/0. 12/0.25cm/m steps

Measurement mode

Cylinder , /-,-
Prism X-Y,P-B
Contact lens Soft/hard lens
Measurement mode Single/progressive/automatic recognition


Diameter of lens Ф 12~Ф112mm
PD  40~90mm(0. 5mm steps)
Measuring speed  0.1second
Abbe number  30~60
Display  7″LCD/TFT
 Printer Thermal printer
 Dimension  180mmx255mmx455mm
Package  620mmx390mmx390mm
 Weight ~12kg
 Power supply  100~240V 50/60HZ 25VA

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