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ALE-1000 Patternless Lens Edger

Model: ALE-1000

MOQ: 1 Set

ALE-1000 Patternless Lens Edger is designed with 5.7-inch LCD screen and use-friendly operating interface. ALE-1000 Patternless Lens Edger can be used for various kinds of lens, and it can automatically correct scanning data. ST-1200 Scanner is available to match this lens edger.


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ALE-1000 Patternless Lens Edger

1.Axis position marking of lining board

2.Lining Board Scan and Setting

3.Lens centering mode

4.Crinding set and processing operations


The main body of ALE-1000
1. With high-resolution of 640X480, 5.7-inch TFT LCD, lens photograph displayed as 1:1 and with use-friendly operating interface.
2. With smooth appearance fitting for the design of ergonomics; the main body and scanners allocated separately.
3. It can meet the demand of the industry for its function of several kinds of lens edger progress, including CR-39 rosin lens, high index lens, super hard coating, glass lens, PC lens and Trivex lenses.
4. It has two modes of operation with the optical center / geometric center.
5. It can correct scanning data by itself, including axis and the distance of nose bridge.
6. It has 100mm diameter grinding wheels and can process high curved lenses
7. Inheriting the traditional advantages of the security, stability, firmness, durability of LE Series lens edger.
ST-1200 Scanner
1. Touch Screen,
2. With high-precise 3D scanning, fast and convenient.
3. It can be used to demo lens and pattern.
4. These functions can be chosen, like the scanning to single eye or binoculus, the automatically allocated to frame and the automatically count to the distance of the nose bridge.
5. It can clamp the frame automatically, as well as clarify the kind of the frame, demo lens and pattern automatically.
6. It can choose the slower operation to adapt to some frames with special requirements.


ALE-1000 Patternless Lens Edger


Item ALE-1000 Main Body ST-1000 Scanner
Size 620*520*500mm 325*250*205mm
Weight 55kg 5kg
Voltage AC220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ AC230/115V 50HZ/60HZ
Power 500W 60W

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