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ACP-1800 Auto Chart Projector

Model: ACP-1800

MOQ: 1 Set


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ACP-1800 Auto Chart Projector

1.Easy installation and maintenance: It is quite easy to replace light bulks, and unnecessary to adjust its focus and position.
2.Customer Programmable: Icons can be displayed in predefined sequence by programming.
3.Display Single Icon: Display single icon by multi-function mask plate.
4.Tilted Placement: Perfect image position can be obtained by adjusting the horizontal axis of projector.
5.Standards parts: Metal plate with polarized coating (410x 410mm)

ACP-1800 Auto Chart Projector

ACP-1800 Auto Chart Projector
Technical Specifications:

Model ACP-1800A/B/C ACP-1800LA/LB/LC
Projection Distance 1.5m~6m
Projection Magnification 30x (at 5m)
Projection Size 330mm (w) x 270mm (H) (at 5m)
Chart 30 different pattern
Speed of chart conversion One chart per 0.03s
Mask 1 open, 5 horizontal different lines, 8 vertical lines, 21 single letters, 1 red/green
Speed of mask conversion One mask per 0.03s
Program 2 sets programs, each program contains up to 30 steps
Light source 12V, 50W Halogen Lamp LED lamp
Auto-off function After 10 minutes idle time
Power source AC 220V, 50HZ 0r 110V, 60Hz
Power consumption 80W 40W
Accessories Remote control, polarized metal screen, halogen lamp, polarized glasses, fuses (2), batteries (2) Roommate control, Polarized metal screen, polarized glasses, fuses (2), batteries


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