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YZ-23B Synoptophore

Model: YZ-23B

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YZ-23B Synoptophore

YZ-23B Synoptophore is an ophthalmic instrument designed with optical,mechanical and electrical technology, which can be applied in inspecting and treating various binocular disorders, such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, diplopia, heterophoria, etc.


1. With functions of diagnosis, treatment, simultaneous viewing, syncretic viewing, solid viewing, and afterimage.
2. Equipped with a pair of Haidingers Brush and 20 pairs of pictures with different angle.
3. Advanced semi-transparent and semi-reflecting viewfinder is convenient for the surgeon to observe.
4. Advanced LED luminophor has even illumination, low heat and long service life.
5. Pictures designed by new technology are anti-broken and has long service life.
6. Manual or automatical coruscation with accurate frequency are at surgeon’s option.
7. Optional pictures for quantitative measuring of solid acutance (40 “~1000 “).

YZ-23B Synoptophore

Technical Specifications:



Diameter of Field Red

> 56mm

Red light

 λ=640mm coruscation system 

Left and right tubes rotate around erect axis

Converging 50⁰  diverging 40⁰

Left and right tubes rotate around horizontal axis


Pictures of left and right can be moved up and down according optical axis


Pictures of left and right rotate around optical axis


Adjustable range of interpupillary distance


Darkroom illumination

LED bulb with symmetry design.

Adjustable Haidingers Brush

50-100round/ minute

Coruscation form

manual or automatic

Automatic coruscation frequency

ten-step, 30-300times/minute

Range of automatic coruscation(each cycle)

1/4 on 3/4 off, 1/2on 1/2 off, 3/4 on 1/4 off

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz

Power consumption


Type of automatic coruscation

l The left and right can be turned on or off at the same time.

l The left and right can be turned on or off alternatively.

l One on and the other off

l One on or off while the other can be turned on or off.

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