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YZ-20P5 Operation Microscope

Model: YZ-20P5
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YZ-20P5 Operation Microscope

Column Stand can be refitted to holding stand. It can also be customized according to various operation requirements.YZ-20P5 Operation Microscope YZ-20P5 Operation Microscope

Technical Specification:

Eye piece Magnification 12.5x 16B
Objective Lens f=200mm
Working Distance 190mm
Magnification for Main Microscope 5.3x, 8x, 12x
Diameter of Field ∮37mm, ∮25mm,∮16.7mm,
Adjustable Diopter ±6D
Adjustable Range of Pupil Distance 50mm ~ 80mm
Maximal Resolution 100LP/m
Illumination Source 12V/100W, Medical cold-reflection Halogen Lamp
Illumination Type 6° 0 °Coaxial cold light source illumination
Coaxial Illumination ≥ 30000lx
Reaching Radius of Arm 870mm
Adjustable Vertical Range 700mm ~ 1100mm
Fine Focus Range 30mm
Input Voltage AC 220V ± 10% /50HZ ±1HZ, AC 110V±10%/60HZ ±1Hz
Power 120VA
Fuse T-type AC 250V T1.25A AC 125V T2.5 A
Electrical Safety Standard Executive to GB 9706.1-2007, Class I
Packing Volume 0.2cbm, 1 cartons
Total Gross Weight 41kg

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