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Wall-mounted Medical Sterilizing Machine

Model: Wall-mounted-Medical-Sterilizing-Machine

MOQ: 1 Set


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Wall-mounted Medical Sterilizing Machine


This model is specially designed for man-machine coexistence environment. Its advantages and characteristics are that it can be disinfected in the case of some people, and it has no odor, no radiation, no corrosion equipment during disinfection, and the ultraviolet rays are completely sealed inside the machine. No leakage, simple operation, safe, practical and convenient. The concentration of ozone in the air during operation is ≤0.1mg/m3, which is far lower than the national standard of 0.15mg/m3.


  1. Dynamic disinfection (human-machine coexistence)
  2. Primary and medium efficiency filter dust, sterilization
  3. Long-life c-band super ultraviolet sterilization
  4. Photocatalyst (Ti02) activated carbon antibacterial odor
  5. Negative ion purification, fresh air
  6. Electrostatic dust removal, sterilization
  7. UV lamp working status indication
  8. Machine working state timer
  9. Ultra-quiet axial fan
  10. UV, fan failure alarm
  11. Wind speed is high, medium and low adjustable, wind direction is multi-angle cycle
  12. Microcomputer automatic running controller, preset disinfection time, self-switching machine
  13. Infrared remote control operation


Project Name / Product Series Mobile 
Suitable for maximum space 80 100 120
Power supply AC220  50HZ
Fuse A 1.5 2 3
Rated power ≤ W 150 150 200
Ozone production mg/h / / /
Ozone concentration mg/m3 / / /
Handling air volume m3/h 800 1000 1200
UV tube life ≥8000 hours
Negative ion generation amount 6*106/cm3
Disinfection standard ≤ cfu / m3 200
Cleanliness level 10000
Working noise ≤ dB 55 55 55

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