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VT-100 Auto View Tester Phoropter

Model: VT-100

Designed with Cross Cylinder, VT-100 Phoropter Auto View Tester is convenient and flexible for near visual acuity measurement. The VT-100 Auto Phoropter can be used separately, while it can also connect with refractometer and projector.


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VT-100 Phoropter Auto View Tester

VT-100 Phoropter Auto View Tester Features:

Contour design is elegant with Sphere fast rotating disk, enabling the rapid adjustment of 3.00m-1.
The unique Cross Cylinder design, convenient and flexible.
Can be easily used to measure near visual acuity.
It can connect with Refractometer and projector.

VT-100 Phoropter Auto View Tester Pictures:

VT-100 Auto View Tester VT-100 Auto View Tester

VT-100 Phoropter Auto View Tester Specifications:

Sphere -29.00 ~ 26.75D (step: 0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D)
Cylinder 0.00 ~ 8.75D (step: 0.25D / 0.5D / 1D / 2D / 3D)
Cylinder axis 0 ~ 180° (step: 1 / 5 / 15 / 30 / 45°)
PD far: 48 ~ 80 mm close: 45 ~ 75 mm (step: 0.5/1.0mm)
Working distance 35 ~ 70 cm (step: 5 cm)
prism 0 ~ 20 △ (step: 0.1△ / 0.2△ / 0.5△ / 1△ / 2△)
Jackson Cross Cylinder Jackson Cross Cylinder0.25D Jackson Cross Cylinder0.50D 0.25D Dual  Cross Cylinder (separation prism)
ophthalmoscope 1.5D, 2.0D (measuring distance 67cm, 50cm)
Auxiliary lenses
Pinhole lens Ф 1mm
Maddox  Right (red/horizon),left(red/vertical))
Red and green lens Right(red)left(green))
Polaroid Right(135°, 45°),left(45°, 135°)
Separation prism Right (6△BU),left (10△BI)
Solidsuprachiasmatic cylinder: ±0.50D




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