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UV Disinfection Vehicles

Model: UV-Disinfection-Vehicles

MOQ: 1 Set


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UV Disinfection Vehicles


  1. UV disinfection vehicles mainly use the ultraviolet radiation generated by ZSZ quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamps to achieve

sterilization purposes.

  1. The main body is made of high-quality iron plate, which is coated with amino baking paint and has a universal wheel at the bottom.
  2. The shape is beautiful, generous and practical.
  3. The electrical part adopts electronic ballasting,the voltage is easy to start in AC220V 10PHZ, the lamp has long service life.
  4. the machine is equipped with a timer, and the timing time can be selected according to the disinfection area and volume.


Parameter Light Parameter Main Size (mm) Irradiation Intensity (CW/CM2) Lamp Life Day
Power Power supply / voltage Operating voltage Preheat current Operating current Main line Pipe length
30W 220V 140V 5.0A 0.25A 2537A 910 >100 1000

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