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The Cabinet Type Medical Sterilizing Machine

Model: The-Cabinet-Type-Medical-Sterilizing-Machine

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The Cabinet Type Medical Sterilizing Machine


The series of products are air disinfection devices made up of high-intensity ultraviolet lamps and composite filter wind. When the bacteria-containing air passes through the high-intensity ultraviolet lamp irradiation area, the ultraviolet rays will penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of the microorganisms and destroy the molecular bonds of the DNA, which make the protein that constitutes the microorganism cannot be formed, causing its immediate death or loss of reproductive capacity, thereby achieving the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

Technical characteristics

  1. The fuselage is made of non-combustible materials, which are made by modern technology. The cleaning of the fuselage is simple, convenient, fast and thorough:
  2. It has dynamic and static dual-usemode, and adopts indoor circulating air disinfection: Microcomputer program control, stable and reliable
  3. Chinese LCD display, human-computer interaction is more convenient
  4. Temporary disinfection function and program-controlled automatic disinfection setting, can set the switch time arbitrarily
  5. Infrared temperature control receiver for remote control
  6. Air volume mode working status display, high wind speed, medium and low free choice
  7. UV lamp, motor, negative ion fault detection, fault display alarm
  8. With full machine life timing function


Project Name / Product Series Cabinet 
Suitable for maximum space 160 180 200
Power supply AC220  50HZ
Fuse A 3 5 5
Rated power ≤ W 350 400 450
Ozone production mg/h / / /
Ozone concentration mg/m3 / / /
Handling air volume m3/h 1400 1500 1600
UV tube life ≥8000 hours
Negative ion generation amount 6*106/cm3
Disinfection standard ≤ cfu / m3 Convention 200
Economy 500
Cleanliness level 10000
Working noise ≤ dB 55 55 55

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