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SW-700 Handheld Vision Screener

Model: SW-700

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SW-700 Handheld Vision Screener

SW-700 is the world’s first vision screener built entirely on Artificial lntelligence. It is 200% more accurate and has good price than its previous version.

EASY ON THE EYES – Next level patient comfort.
No unpleasant flashes of bright light. It uses harmless, invisible infrared light to screen the eyes. Plus, the whole eye scan takes just seconds and is done from a 1 meter (3.3 foot) distance.

EASY TO USE – Entire eye scan with a push of a button.
A mere push of a button completes the whole eye health test and collects refractive state data for both eyes, including sphere and cylindrical values, as well as the pupillary distance.

EASY TO MAINTAIN – No maintenance. No calibration.
This Al eye screener requires no maintenance or calibra-tion. Simply store the vision screener in its original box when you are not using it and you are all set.

UNPARALLELED PRlVACY – Put your mind at ease.
We designed the Al eye screener with your and your patient’s privacy in mind. There is no need to insert private personal data and all captured eye images are used for computing results only and will not be stored.

SAFETY FIRST – Safe for users and patients.
This machine meets all applicable safety regulations and is on par with standards set for medical vision assessment screeners.The Al eye screener passed every independent safety test and is fully certified for use.

GET STARTED QUICK – Free tutorial video.
It comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial video to make set up quick and using effortless.


Spherical power -8.00D to +8.00D(±0.25D)
Cylindrical power -3.5D to +3.50D(±0.25D)
Axis 0-180°
Measuring distance 100cm (±5cm)
Measurement time <15seconds
Data transmission WiFi 6,802.1lax
Display 7-inch,1080P, LCD touch screen
Charging port USB 3.0
Power adapter (input) 100-240V,50/60Hz,35VA
Charger (output) 5V, 2A
Battery life 5 hours

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