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SLT-TTL Binocular Medical Loupes

Model: SLT-TTL

MOQ: 1 Set


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SLT-TTL Binocular Loupes

1.2.0 2.5 and 3.0 magnifications available Extremely high resolution
2.Precise Optics
3.Custom Fit and Custom Working Distance
4.Greatest Brightness and Depth of Field
5.Ultra- lightweight, as little as 2 oz.(57g) (including the frame).


Magnification Working distance Field of view
2. 0x 340mm/13” 60mm/2.4”
2. 0x 420mm/17” 70mm/2.8”
2. 0x 460mm/18” 80mm/3.1”
2. 0x 500mm/20” 95mm/3.8”
Magnification Working distance Field of view
2. 5x 340mm/13” 70mm/2.8”
2. 5x 420mm/17” 80mm/3.1”
2. 5x 460mm/18” 90mm/3.5”
2. 5x 500mm/20” 100mm/3.9”
2. 5x 550mm/22” 120mm/4.7”
Magnification Working distance Field of view
3. 0x 340mm/13” 60mm/2.4”
3.0x 420mm/17” 70mm/2.8”
3. 0x 460mm/18” 80mm/3.1”
3. 0x 500mm/20” 90mm/3.5”
3. 0x 550mm/22” 100mm/3.9”

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