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SK-3000ABP Ophthalmic Ultrasound Machine


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SK-3000ABP Ophthalmic Ultrasound Machine

SK-3000ABP Ophthalmic Ultrasound Machine
A Scan, B Scan, and P Scan Gain Adjustment Knob
Internet, USBm and Video Interfaces Foot Switch

Technical Specifications:

B Scanner
Probe Frequency 10MHz
Scanning Mode Mechanical sector scanning
Gray Scale 256 Levels
Total Gain 20- 105db
Measuring Depth ≥60mm
Scanning Angle 53°
TGC TGC 0-30db
Memory 20 Images
Resolution axial≤0.2mm, lateral≤0.4mm
Display Mode B, B A
Pseudocolor Mode
Report Print Vedio
Playback 150 Frames
 A Scanner
Probe Frequency 10MHz
Measuring Range 0-42mm
Biometry Accuracy 0.05mm
EYE Mode 6 Different measuring mode, 3 Custom measuring mode
LOL Formula 6 Calculation formulas with contrast calculation
Statistical Calculation Standard deviation, variance
 P Scanner
Probe Frequency 20MHz
Biometry Accuracy ≤0.01mm
Measuring Depth 0.3-1.2mm
Output Mode Vedio
Computer Parameter Special imbedded system,12.1″ display screen,touching type operation
Printer Available Sony copy machine,norma


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