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S3 Slit Lamp (Three Magnification)

Model: S3

Illumination Location: Top

Illumination Source: LED Lamp

Magnifications: 10X 16X 25X

Slit Image Width: 0mm~14mm Continuous

Slit Image Length: 1mm~14mm continuous

Filter: Heat Absorption, Grey, Redfree(Green), Cobalt Blue


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S3 Slit Lamp Microscope (3 Step Magnification, LED Lamp)

S3 is a slit lamp microscope used for eye exam. It has 3 step magnifications (10X, 16X, and 25X), LED illumination from the top, 4 filters (heat absorption, grey, redfree, cobalt blue), adjustable slit width (max 14mm), stepless and adjustable light brightness. It has detachable metal base plate, you can easily move the machine, or fix it on an ophthalmic unit (or motorized table).

1.Outstanding Optic Quality Ensure the Comfortable View
2.Parallel type,Galilean system
3.LED Illumination, long life time
4.Haag-Streit type slit lamp with broad beam,wide field and high depth of field
5.3 step magnification
6.Interface for laser and applanation tonometer reserved

S3 Slit Lamp

S3 Slit Lamp Led Lamp S3 Slit Lamp 3 Mags
LED Lamp 3 Magnifications
S3 Slit Lamp 4 Filters S3 Slit Lamp Max Slit Width
4 Filters 14mm Maximum Slit Width
S3 Slit Lamp Light Brightness S3 Slit Lamp Illumination Angle
Continuous Illumination Brightness Adjustable Illumination Angle
S3 Slit Lamp Joystick S3 Slit Lamp Metal Base Plate
Smooth Joystick Metal Base Plate
S3 Slit Lamp Tonometer S3 Slit Lamp Optical System
Interface for Tonometer and Laser Advanced Optical System


Model S3
Illumination Type Haag Streit Type
Illumination Source Imported LED
Microscope Type Parallel type, Galilean system
Magnification changer Revolving drum
Eyepiece 12.5X
Magnification 10X 16X 25X
Visual field Diameter 6X:33mm10x:22mm 16X:14mm 25X:8.5mm 40X:5.5mm
Diopter  adjustment -7D~ 7D
Pupil range 52mm~82mm
brightness continuously adjustable
Slit image width 0mm~14mm continuous
Slit image length 1mm~14mm continuous
Slit image angle 0~180 continuously rotation
illumination tilting 5 10 15 20 
Slit aperture size ф14 ф10 ф5 ф3 ф1 ф0.2 (mm) & 1~14mm continuously
Filter Heat absorption, Grey, Redfree(Green), Cobalt blue
Fixation Red LED 3.5V
Max Illumination 600000 Lux
Background illumination None
Input voltage 70VA
Input power 100V~240V 48~62HZ
External packing Carton box
Dimension 740”650”450mm
G/weight 23kg

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