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S-01 Hand-Held Slit Lamp

Model: S-01

Illumination Source: LED Lamp

Magnifications: 10X

Slit Width: 0.15mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.6mm,ф 12mrm, 1X1mm Block

Slit Length: 12mm

Filter: Heat Absorption, Color Temperature Compensation, Red Free, Cobalt Blue

Working Distance: 80mm


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S-01 Hand-Held Slit Lamp

S-01 Handheld slit lamp is a portable ophthalmic equipment for eye exam. It has 10x magnification for ophthalmologist to have a clear view on iris, cornea, and lens. This slit lamp features LED illumination light, max 12mm slit width, stepless light brightness adjustment, and it provides 4 filters (heat-absorption, color temperature compensation, red free,cobalt blue) to meet different exam requirements. 


* Advanced optics, 10x magnification

* Controllable illumination from maximum to zero

* Enhanced portability during examination

S-01 Hand-Held Slit Lamps

Model S-01 S-02
Microscope Type Binocular Handheld Slit Lamp
Eyepiece Convergence binoculars, 13⁰ degree
Magnification 10X 10X, 16X
Working Distance 80mm
Pupil Distance 45mm~ 78mm
Diopter Compensation -8D~ 8D
Illumination Slit Width 0.15mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.6mm,ф 12mrm, 1X1mm Block
Slit Length 12mm
Slit Angle Horizontal 160
Filter Heat-Absorption, Color Temperature Compensation, Red Free,Cobalt blue
Light Source White LED
Maximum Illumination > 50000Lux
Power Source  LED Working Voltage DC7 4V, 950mAh
Battery Li-ion battery 7.4V/950mAh, continuous working time > 3 hoursafter fully charged

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