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RK-850 Auto Ref Keratometer

Model: RK-850

MOQ: 1 Set


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RK-850 Auto Ref Keratometer


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RK-850 Auto Ref Keratometer is a precise and objective eyesight test device for ophthalmologists or optometrists. It’s mainly used to measure patient’s diopter, including sphere power, cylinder power, optical axis, pupil distance and corneal curvature, in order to provide reference data for eyeglass fitting, eye diseases diagnosis and treatment. This machine has unique optical system, accurate imaging analyzing and processing technology.

The measurement result can be displayed on screen, printed out on paper, or transferred to auto phoroptor (with RS232 interface).

RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer

RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer

RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer
RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer
RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer
Adjustable LCD Touch Screen Motorized Chin Rest
RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer RK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer
Data Record Platform Lock

Software InterfaceRK-850 Auto Ref/Keratometer

UP/Down Auto Tracking System Peripheral keratometry test for contact lenses fitting

Hartmann Inaging Processing technology: SK-850 uses 850nm infrared light to project Hartmann lenslet array into the fundus of the patient’s eyes, and separately calculates the parameters such as sphere, cylinder and axis according to the fundus reflection array.


Corneal apex distance: 0.0, 12.0, 13.75, 15.0
Spherical mirror degree:  -20.00D ~ + 20.00D (VD = 12mm, 0.01, 0.06, 0.12, 0.25 units)
Cylindrical power: 0.00D ~ + 10.00D (0.06, 0.12, 0.25 units)
Axis position: 10 ~ 180 ° (1 ° unit)
Astigmatism symbol: -, +, ±
Interpupillary distance: 10 ~ 86mm
Minimum pupil diameter: 2.0mm
Pupil diameter: 2.00-8.00mm
Measure light energy: <30uw (ensure measurement safety)
Cornea curvature radius: 5.0 ~ 10.0mm (0.01mm accuracy)
Cornea diopter: 33.00D ~ 67.0D (when the corneal equivalent diopter is 1.3375)
Corneal astigmatism: 0.00D-15.00D (0.06D / 0.12D / 0 25D units)
Stored data: 10 measurements each
Axis position: 1 ° ~ 180 °
Visual target: Guided cloud map
Display: 8-inch TFT touch screen (adjustable viewing angle)
Printer: 57mm thermal printer
Power supply: AC 100 ~ 250V, 50 / 60Hz, wide power supply
Net weight: 22 kg
Gross weight: 26.5 kg
Packing size: (length) 680mm x (width) 400mm x (height) 640mm

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