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PLE-6800 3D Patternless Lens Edger

Model: PLE-6800

MOQ: 1 Set


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PLE-6800 3D Patternless Lens Edger


1. One-button operation, precise and fast scanning, accurate centering.

2. Super large touch screen, 1:1 ratio display, visual comparison betweenframe and scanned graphics.

3. Powerful and stable data processing, scanning graphics editable,multi-machines interconnection, greatly high cost- effective.

4. Adaptive Clamp Chuck: Because of the large difference in thickness, the high curved lenses are easy to cause displacement due to axis twisting during processing. The design of adaptive clamp chuck ensures that the clamping force is balanced during processing to minimize axis twisting and any potential damages to lenses.

5. Bidirectional Curve Scanning Feelers: Precise scanning and positioning of the front and back curve of lenses to ensure the accuracy of lens edging shape.

European Diamond Wheels Group: Perfect edging, high fineness, durable for long use.

Technical Data:

PL-6800 Edger :

Graphic editable and scalable functions

Bidirectional water jet and built-in lighting in processing cabin

Adjustable beveling position

Max. number of stored images

400 pcs

Lens Material

Plastic, Polycarbonate, High index plastic, Glass, Trivex

Diameter of diamond wheels group

100 mm

Edging Mode

Beveling(normal/auto/manual mode), Flat edging, Polishing

Max. Cutting Diameter

80 mm

Mini. Beveling Size

22 mm

Mini. Flat Edging Size

20 mm

Max. Frame Center Distance

100 mm


10.4 inch color TFT LCD touch screen with angle adjustable

Input Voltage

AC 220V, 50Hz / AC 110V, 60Hz

Output Voltage

DC 5V 3A; DC 24V 5.8A

Power Consumption



48 kg


636 mm x 452 mm x 591 mm

PL-680 Scanner/Blocker

lmaging System

Dual center optical imaging system

Scanning and Positioning System

Scanning imaging, precise center positioning

Scanning Time

< 3 s

Scanning Precision

0.1 mm


8 inch color TFT LCD touch screen

Power Supply

AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz


9 kg


470 mm x 230 mm x 320 mm


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