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PE-03 Ophthalmic Phaco Emulsifier

Model: PE-03

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PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier


1.All parts of the system are fully controlled and monitored by Microprocessor Technology;
2.Smoothly and efficiently controlling the emulsifier process with digital frequency tracing technology;
3.Easy operation and user-friendly interface with large TFT touch screen and functional menu;
4.Up to 10 sets of parameters preset meet different requirements and simplify the surgery operation;
5.Auto test checks tubing and hand piece problems (e.g.: block or leakage)
6.The peristaltic pumps gives complete control of aspiration flow rate as well as freedom from anterior chamber shallowing. This way can give stronger suction when working in I/A
7.Built-in Vitrectomy and Cautery
8.Intelligent Voice Reminder

PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier

PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier
PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier
PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier PE-03 Phaco Emulsifier

Standard Configuration:

Item Quantity
Phaco Emulsifier 1
Foot Switch 1
Resuable Tubing Kit 1
U/S Handpiece 1
I/A Handpiece 1
U/S Tip (30°) 1
Tip Wrench 1
Test Chamber 1
Irrigation Sleeve 2
Irrigation Sleeve (VIT) 1
VIT Tip 1
Cautery Forceps (cable Included) 1
Subtotal 13

Technical Specification:

Ultrasonic Emulsification  
Frequency 40kHz
Functional mode Continuance, Pulse, Linear, Burst
Continuance Emulsifying power Range: 0 ~ 100
Pulse Frequency Range 1 ~ 99Hz
Linear Emulsifying power linearly controlled by the footswitch, varies between 0 ~ 100%
Burst-Stopping Time 1.5 ~ 0s
Burst-Working Time 5 ~ 100ms
Maximum Vacuum 500 mmHg
Maximum Flux Rate 40 ml/min
40 ml/min  
Flux Rate 0 ~40 ml/min
Reflux Rate 20 ml/min
Max Vacuum 0~500 mmHg
VIT (Vitrectomy)  
Cutting Power Source Air Pump
Reflux Rate 20 ~ 600/min, step 10/min
Max Vacuum 500 mmHg
Maximum Power 10 W ± 20 % (200Ω)
Type Bipolar
Power preset between ~ 100%

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