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RetiView 500 Ophthalmic OCT Machine

Model: OCT-500

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RetiView 500 Optical Coherence Tomography OCT Machine

Retiview-500 optical coherence tomography OCT machine is an ophthalmic device for comprehensive eye exam, such as macular, retina problems or diseases, glaucoma, and so on. It is based on high sensitivity spectral domain technology to obtain high-resolution 3D retinal tomography images with high accuracy. It is fully automatic, simple and fast to operate. It provides several types of professional test reports to meet different examination requirements.


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The RetiView 500 is-simple to operate. After inputting the patient information, the “one-key take picture” feature allows the operator to capture the images with a simple touch. With this feature, the device will automatically align the pupil, focus and capture the OCT images of both eyes.

For a complicated situation or skilled operators, the RetiView 500 provides semi-automatic and manual modes, allowing a deeper operation experience.

The RetiView 500 has powerful accurate analysis software. For each scanning mode, the RetiView 500 provides a customized analysis function. The software can accurately segment 10 retina layers. The system also provides binocular comparison analysis, single eye follow-up analysis, glaucoma and other progress analysis, giving a strong quantitative analysis for clinic diagnosis of various eye diseases.

Retiview-500 OCT Machine

Retiview-500 OCT Machine Retiview-500 OCT Machine
Retiview-500 OCT Machine Retiview-500 OCT Machine

1. The RetiView 500 provides a rich analysis software package with an automatic platform.
2. The RetiView 500 offers a special “one-key operation”mode which makes the captures simple and fast.
3. The RetiView 500 dramatically reduces the learning time and improves the success rate and your working efficiency.
4. The RetiView 500 has a compact design with a built-in computer which effectively saves space. The compact design also makes the shipment and movement easier.
5. The installation-free concept allows the immediate use of the device after connecting-the power cable and switching on the power.
6. The 13.3 inch touch screen allows easy operation with your finger and adjusting of the scanning parameters .

Retiview-500 OCT Machine Screen Retiview-500 OCT Machine Optical System
Tilting Color Touch Screen Advanced Optical System
Retiview-500 OCT Machine Chinrest Retiview-500 OCT Machine Interfaces
Motorized Chinrest USB, Internet, and DVI Interfaces

Professional Software

Retiview-500 OCT Exam

Retiview-500 Major Test Area Retiview-500 Scan Modes
Major Test Area Scan Modes
Retiview-500 Picture Edit Retiview-500 Analysis Types
Images Management Various Types of Analysis


Methodology Spectral domain OCT
Axial resolution ≤ 6 µm (in tissue)
Transverse resolution ≤ 20 µm (in tissue)
Scan depth ≥ 2.5 mm (in air)
Scan range ≥ 6 mm
Scan speed ≥ 24,000 A-scans/sec, up to 36,000 A-scans/sec
Scan modes 30, Raster, Circle
Fundus image OCT en face
Focus adjustment -150 to 150
Pupil diameter ≥ 3 mm
OCT light source 840 nm SLD
Optical power 750 µW (at cornea)
Operation 13.3’’touch screen, optional external mouse or keyboard
Power supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions  497 mm × 395 mm × 490 mm (L× W × H)
Weight LED dot matrix
External fixtion 34 kg (75 lbs)

Parts of Test Reports

Retiview-500 OCT Machine Macular HD 1 Line Analysis

Binocular Ganglion Cell Analysis

Optic Disc and RNFL Analysis

Retiview-500 OCT Optic Disc Circle Analysis

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