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MSU-2 Veterinary B Mode Ultrasound Machine

Model: MSU-2

Standard Configuration:
1. Main unit: 1 pc
2. 3.5MHz waterproof mechanical sector probe : 1 pc
3. Power adapter: 1 pc
4. Internal battery: 1 pc
5. Soft rubber coat: 1 pc
6. Sunshine cover : 1 unit (A, B, C three sections adjustable)
7. Black plastic suitcase : 1 pc
8. Base Charger, belt, probe socket spatula: 1 pc for each


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MSU2 Veterinary B Mode Ultrasound Machine

1.Net weight:1.1 KG. smart and light
2.Unique right/left handhold design,be applicable for customers with different habit
3.Multiple use method: handhold, hang.
4.Three gear adjustable tor sunshade
5.High-capacity lithium battery. Low power consumption design more than 6 hours work

MSU-2 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

MSU-2 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

MSU-2 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

MSU-2 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine

MSU-2 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine


Applicable animals swine. ovine, canine etc.
Pregnancy diagnosis MSU2 can check whether the pig is pregnant 18 days later after mating or not. Comparing with traditional method, you can get non-pregnant pigs about 12 days earlier
Diagnosis towards fetus Through the measurement the fetal heart rate to judge whether the fetus is dead or mummy
Diagnosis of sow uterine function Diagnose sow reproductive disturbance diseases: Pyometra , mucometra, etc.
Application effectiveness
Pregnancy test with B ultrasound increases the accuracy rate; MSU2 can check whether the pig is pregnant or not as early as 18 days after mating,avoiding the waste of non-pregnant feed At a rough estimate, this action can directly save about 1000 USD feed cost for farm for every 100 head of the sow
Indirect economic benefits increase the litter size, enhance productivity,find disease and epidemic situation timely, etc.
Display mode B.2B.4B BM M,total 5 kinds
100 frames permanent storage
Local zooming
Colors Eight internal pseudo colors(incl, B/M)
OB measurement EDD and GA for swine, ovine and canine etc
OB report
Flash card storage
Dual power supply equipped with high capacity ihum battery, driving the unit more than 6 hours
Standard configuration Main unit: 1PC
3.5MHz Mechanical sector probe: 1PC
Lithium battery: 1PC
Base Charger: 1PC
Sunshine cover:  1PC
Silicone protective cover: 1PC
Plastc sealed box: 1PC
Optional configuration  Lithium battery
Black leather saddlebag Goggles


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