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MD-A03 Dental Chair

Model: MD-A03

MOQ: 1 Set


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MD-A03 Dental Chair

MD-A03 Dental Chair Features:
1. Extremely low chair position: the lowest position is lower than 37cm, very convenient for the elderly, children, pregnant women and the disabled, easier for doctors to operate.
2. Floor-standing post: the movement of light and instrument tray will not affected by others,making the whole machine more stable and making the treatment process more smooth.
3. Detachable floor box: very flexible, could be inside or outside, can be applied to different layouts to facilitate installation.
4. Rotatable metal side box: the side box can be rotated outside, having sufficient space to cooperate with nurses, environmentally friendly metal material with high rigidity, the color will not change or fade.
5. Multi-function tissue holder: can place paper cup, tissue and other items. One-piece design is very convenient and practical.
6. Double-bottle water supply: reduce the frequency of adding water to make the treatment more smooth.
7. One-piece instrument tray: air break, good stability with high bearing capacity; grid reinforcement, concise style with big practical area.
8. Independent adjustment system for handpieces: a handpiece corresponds to a knob, the operation is more accurate, more user-friendly and more flexible.
9. Comfortable operator’s stool: ergonomically designed, noiseless, convenient and adjustable.
10. Rotatable spittoon: can be rotated with the side box to facilitate spit and gargle; can be easily removed to clean and disinfect.
MD-A03 Dental Chair Optional Configuration:
1. Three memory keys: just press one key to operate the dental chair in place, convenient and quick.
2. Double armrests: the armrests will rotate with backrest, allowing patients to grab during the entire process.
3. Top-mounted instrument tray: the bars can be easily pulled out and put back without any traction force, easy for cleaning and operation.
4. Rack for intraoral camera system: the original special rack is more convenient to use.
5. Multi-function auxiliary control panel: multiple function keys have been added to the auxiliary control panel, which can facilitate the use of assistant.
6. Six bulbs LED operating light: induction adjustable brightness, with sensor, fashionable and convenient.
7. Halogen operating light: closer to natural light, no glare, eye protection without irritation.
8. Luxury operator stool: ergonomically designed, noiseless, comfortable and adjustable.
9. High-grade microfiber leather sofa: handmade wear-resistant microfiber leather, ergonomic design, more beautiful and comfortable.
10. Glass spittoon: beautiful and bright, easy to clean and disinfect.

MD-A03 Dental ChairMD-A03 Dental ChairMD-A03 Dental Chair

MD-A03 Dental Chair Standard configuration

Computer-controlled dental chair

1 set

High vacuum suction and Saliva ejector system

1 set for each one

Three-way syringe(cold/hot/)

1 piece for each one

Operating light

1 set

X-ray viewer

1 set

Automatic bowl rinsing and cup filling

1 set

Multi-function tissue holder

1 set

Multi-function Pedal switch

1 set

Operator stool

1 set

High speed handpiece connector

2 sets

Low speed handpiece connector

1 set

24V DC mute motor

2 pcs

Detachable ceramic spittoon

1 set

MD-A03 Dental Chair Optional Accessories

Imported/Domestic high speed turbine handpiece

2 pcs

Imported/Domestic low speed handpiece

1 piece

Built-in scaler

1 set

LED curing light

1 set

Negative pressure suction system

1 set

Intraoral camera system

1 set

High-grade handmade wear-resistant microfiber leather

1 set


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