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MD-A01 Dental Chair

Model: MD-A01

MOQ: 1 Set


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MD-A01 Dental Chair


MD-A01 Dental Chair Features:
1. Extremely low chair position: the lowest position is lower than 37cm, very convenient for the elderly, children, pregnant women and the disabled, easier for doctors to operate.
2. Floor-standing post: the movement of light and instrument tray will not affected by others, making the whole machine more stable and making the treatment process more smooth.
3. Aluminum alloy side box: concise and curved style combines with aesthetic appearance, environmentally friendly aluminum alloy material with high rigidity, the color will never change or fade.
4. Independent R&D system: with memory function, memory data is not lost; the dental chair is very smooth and soft during lifting and supine process, without any shaking, extremely comfortable.
5. Detachable floor box: very flexible, could be inside or outside, can be applied to different layouts to facilitate installation.
6. Single linkage armrest: with movement compensation, the armrest will rotate with the backrest, patient can hold the armrest easily and naturally to increase the sense of security and comfort.
7. Six bulbs LED operating light: induction adjustable brightness, with sensor, fashionable and convenient.
8. Imported water and air pipes: imported from USA, the pipe is thicker and more resistant to acid and alkali, safe and reliable.
9. Multi-function tissue holder: can place paper cup, tissue and other items. One-piece design is very convenient and practical.
10. Independent adjustment system for handpieces: a handpiece corresponds to a knob, the operation is more accurate, more user-friendly and more flexible.
11. Deluxe leather operator stool: wear-resistant leather with ergonomic design, noiseless, comfortable and adjustable.
12. High-grade leather sofa: handmade wear-resistant leather with ergonomic design, more beautiful and comfortable.
13. Rotatable ceramic spittoon: high temperature burning, it can be rotated inward or outward to facilitate spit and gargle.
14. Rotary auxiliary control system: it can be rotated out a large space for easy multi-hand operation.
MD-A01 Dental Chair Optional configuration:
1. Halogen operating light: closer to natural light, no glare, eye protection without irritation.
2. Top-mounted instrument tray: the bars can be easily pulled out and put back without any traction force, easy for cleaning and operation.
3. Double armrests: the armrests will rotate with the backrest, allowing patients to grab during the whole process.
4. Multi-function auxiliary control panel: multiple function keys have been added to the auxiliary control panel, which can facilitate the use of assistant.
5. Rack for intraoral camera system: the original special rack is more convenient to use.MD-A01 Dental ChairMD-A01 Dental ChairMD-A01 Dental Chair

MD-A01 Dental Chair Standard Configuration

Computer-controlled leather dental chair

1 set

High vacuum suction and Saliva ejector system

1 set for each one

Three-way syringe(cold/hot)

1 piece for each one 

Six bulbs LED operating light

1 set

X-ray viewer

1 set

Automatic bowl rinsing and cup filling

1 set

Luxury aluminum alloy side box

1 set

Multi-function tissue holder

1 set

Multi-function Pedal switch

1 set

Deluxe leather operator stool

1 set

Three memory keys for chair

1 set

High speed handpiece connector

2 sets

Low speed handpiece connector

1 set

24V DC mute imported motor

2 pcs

High temperature fired rotary ceramic spittoon

1 set

MD-A01 Dental Chair Optional Accessories

Imported/Domestic high speed turbine handpiece

2 pcs

Imported/Domestic low speed handpiece

1 piece

Built-in scaler

1 set

LED curing light

1 set

Negative pressure suction system

1 set

Intraoral camera system

1 set

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