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KX-5000 B Mode Portable Laptop Ultrasound Machine

Model: KX-5000

MOQ: 1 Set

Standard Configuration:
1. Main unit: 1 pc
2. 3.5MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe
3. Power adapter: 1 pc
4. Internal Li-battery : 2 pcs
5. Metal case: 1pc
6.  Battery Charger: 1pc


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KX-5000 B Mode Portable Laptop Ultrasound Machine

1.Laptop, slim design, smart and light,convenient for carrying,easier for examining patients at home.
2.Adopt ARM7 Embedded Control Systems, FPGA signal processing and proprietary miniaturization technology of ultrasonic hardware system, making the machine more reliable.
3.10.4″ High resolution color LED monitor,high brightness, high contrast, wide visual, LED backlight, image clear and exquisite.
4.Menu operation, support 5 customized languages: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese.
5.100 frames permanent storage, 256 frames cine loop.
6.Eight pseudo colors (ind. B/M)
7.Abundant software package: abdomen general, Obstetric, Gynecology. Urological and other part
8.USB port, support large capacity USB disk(support document management software upgrade one-key storage),and color laser printer directly print various image and reports
9.Dual-mode TV output: PAL/NTSC ,connecting to thermal printer and ultrasonic working station.
10.Adopted AC and DC to supply power,equipped with two pcs of high-capacity lithium batteries which can make machine work more than 200 minutes

KX-5000 B Mode Ultrasound Machine

KX-5000 B Mode Ultrasound Machine


Probe element 80 elements
Scanning mode convex, linear
Menu operation, support 5 customized languages English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese.
10.4″ High resolution color LED monitor, high brightness, high contrast, wide visual, LED back light, image clear and exquisite.
Net weight 2.4kg.
Gray 256
Cine loop 256
Adopt ARM7 Embedded Control Systems and proprietary miniaturization technology of ultrasonic hardware system.
Single probe socket, automatically identify the probe, support several optional probes.
Body mark 64 pcs of body marks with probe position.
Display mode B、2B、4B 、B/M、M, total 5 kinds.
l10 kinds of Magnification, maximum display depth is 236 mm.
Gain range 0~127dB
Dynamic range 27~90dB
Intelligent TGC control near-field and far-field adjustment
Adjustable and intelligent focus
Frame frequency 30 frames/second.
Pseudo-color 8 kinds (incl. B/W).
Main unit size 290x245x48mm(length x width x height).
Dual-mode TV output PAL/NTSC, it could connect to thermal printer and ultrasonic working station.
Image storage
Permanent image storage 100 frames
USB port support directly storage image to U disk (one-key storage),  and  printer directly print various image and reports.
USB disk operation functions a) Have the function of read image in the USB ;
b) It have the function that the single image could be storage between the ultrasound and the USB;
c) It have the function that the mass image could be storage between the ultrasound and the USB;
d) It can delete the image function (before the image only be cover); e)It have the function of storage the color image ( before only black and white image)
The adjustment of IP、image negative and color change is available when you recall the image.
Measurement and analysis
Puncture guiding function(2 guiding lines,angel and position adjustable)
General measurement distance、perimeter, area , volume, heart rate, GA, EFW, EDD, angle histogram, sectional view, Stenosis rate, etc.
Obstetric measurement and analysis 15 kind of obstetric software, several GA measurement, LMP, AFI, Fetus growth curve and OB report..
GYN Measurement Uterine volume, End ometrial thickness, Ovarian volume, Dominant follicle, Cervical long-necked, Gynecological report.
Urological Measurement Residual urine volume, Prostate volume, Report of the urinary tract.
Kidney Measurement Cross-sectional area, Kidney volume, Kidney report.  6 kinds grid setting for quick measurement.
Power supply
Dual power supply. Power AC110/230 -15%~+10%(self-adaption supply voltage)60/50Hz±1Hz;
Battery two pcs of high-capacity lithium Battery( 2700MAh) ,more than 200 minutes work
Standard Configuration 1. Main unit: 1 pc
2. 3.5MHz multi-frequency abdomen convex probe: 1 pc
3. Power adapter: 1 pc
4. Internal Li-battery : 2 pcs
5. Metal case: 1pc
6. Battery Charger:1pc
Optional configuration  Probe:7.5MHz multi-frequency high linear probe
6.5MHz multi-frequency trans-vaginal probe
5.0MHz multi-frequency micro-convex pediatrics probe
3.5MHz multi-frequency micro-convex cardio probe
Thermal printer (P93W-S)
Color laser printer(Specified models:HP Color laser Jet CP1515n、HP Color laser Jet CP1525)

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