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HUJH-1A Medical Bed

Model: HUJH-1A
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HUJH-1A Medical Bed


Product composition:

  1. This product by the bed body,four dc motor,drive box,electric brake mechanism and touch the keyboard,by touching the keyboard can control the bed body for seven posture action and braking and brake;
  2. Equipped with battery products,in the absence of an external ac power,the product can still work.

Product features:

  1. The back of the adjustment
  2. The legs adjustment
  3. Adjust the back and legs together
  4. Vertical lift
  5. Tilt
  6. Antidip
  7. A key reset
  8. Keyboard lock;
  9. Electric brake and braking

Product features:

  1. Use touch keyboard instead of traditional mechanical buttons.Solves limited service life of mechanical buttons and the function of the force and the problem that the disable button.
  2. Use of electric brake instead of the brake pedal,brake braking or solution is more convenient,more effort.

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